Thursday, 28 February 2013

Enjoy Sabang Bay Marine Tourism

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Gapang beach in Sabang, Weh Island, is one option when you go to marine tourism when they travel to Aceh. The world traveler (backpackers) also make this beach in the list on their docked at the Port of Balohan then slid to the west of the island is approximately 1 hour drive winding up and down.

Sabang itself is the largest city on the island of Weh located on the north through the east. With capital bagful time then visit Gapang Beach is a perfect getaway to enjoy the beauty of marine tourism in Indonesia's westernmost edge.
Why is this beautiful beach called Gapang? Turns out it was related to the soaring trees that stood right on the edge of the beach is clean, the trees Gapang.

Your only two choices, to the warmth of the sun shining after hours mencemplung in sea water temperature comfortable. Or, the second option is a relaxing sleep under a tree teduhnya Gapang while the thought of their daily work. For backpackers, this is where time seems to stop spinning for them.

Along the coast, there are dozens of dive resort and a ride home standing in a settlement that does not mean visitors. Not only that, the backpackers and divers world mengguratkannya journal their travels in cyberspace. When it did, hundreds or even thousands of other backpackers who have not set foot on the sand beach naked Gapang reading journal and keep it on the agenda for the next trip.

Looking further into the offshore blue, coffee aceh seemed to be calming anxiety that usually appears during the day at work. The scenery is really soothing the mind. When you see the beauty of the beach Gapang in cyberspace web page, it is clear that this beach is the greatest inspiration for photographers. Keheningannya makes you ask, why is this beautiful beach is not much to enjoy. Whatever it is, here is a hidden paradise in the world.

It can not be compared with the other backpackers who were around the triangle backpacker rendez vous, beach Gapang promises versus the silence was not found in Phuket, Langkawi or Penang. Beaches Backpackers continue worshiping Gapang and always make your favorite destinations.

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