Sunday, 3 March 2013

6 Tips To Walk The Night Way

ATMMost of the traveler is traveling at night, because it would save a lot of time. At night, the view of the stars and the city lights are very beautiful to enjoy. However, first consider the following 6 tips.

In addition the company of stars and lights the lamp, the cold air will accompany your journey at night. Travel at night is fun, because it was not hot and more save time. You can feel more fit, and arrived in the morning at your destination. Therefore, in order to travel safely and comfortably, consider the following six tips: 

1. Getting enough sleep during the dayT
he main thing in making travel at night, is enough sleep during the day. Prepare physically and stamina, because of traveling at night will drain a lot of energy. Your body will block the chill of the night and sleep will keep coming. So, prepare physically and stamina with enough sleep during the day. 

2. Learn all the stopsBefore starting the trip, you can learn a stopping places by browsing on the internet. Of course, this will be very beneficial. If by studying first stopping places, you are not going to panic and wonder in the dark of night. In addition, you also have imagined about the stops during the trip. You also already know where to eat, public toilets, or in any atm machine stops. 

3. Prepare a jacket or gloves 
Do not forget to bring a jacket or gloves. Both of these items will provide warmth for you. Of course you do not want to be sick because of the cold and wind at night is not it? 

4. Eat enough
 In addition to a jacket or gloves, eating enough before setting will warm your body. Try to eat before leaving and drinking warm water. Do not forget to eat because it can cause colds. 

5. Put valuables in the right place
 Keep your belongings in a safe and appropriate. Do not put papers and their wallet or important documents in his pockets. Separate your money, do not put it all in one place. Crime can happen at any time, especially at night. 

6. Always be alert and remind each other
 Always wary around and do not look flashy. Feel free to chat with other passengers, but must remain vigilant. Especially when you sleep, hug your purse or put it in a safe place. If you are traveling with friends, remind each other is important. It should be said is not too long in the bathroom and split quota turn sleep

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