Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mysteries are always on the Cover Mountain Fog

If you are looking to China, you try to stop by and see the Sanqing mountain, this mountain has many mysteries of one of the mysteries that always fog enveloped the mountain.

Sanqing Mountain is a mountain located 40 kilometers from the town of Yushan, China. This has dramatic views of the mountains, the peaks shrouded in mist during the 200 days of the year.

The mountain is considered sacred by the religion of Taoism. Mount Sanqing has long been used as a place of meditation, and is believed to make humans become immortal.

Fog seems to make the environment and vegetation of this mountain to be unusual. You can see the granite rock formation that resembles a human being, or pine trees are oddly shaped. In this mountain area there are also many species of birds and exotic animals. plants located in the mountain area is believed effective use in traditional Chinese medicine.

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