Friday, 8 March 2013

Jakarta History Museum Fatahillah

For the citizens of Jakarta and its surroundings must have been familiar with Fatahillah museum in the middle of the old town of Jakarta.

Jakarta History Museum, better known as Fatahillah Museum reveals the story, from prehistoric times to the founding of Jayakarta City. Fatahillah Museum became one of tourist destinations educative Jakarta residents.

Fatahillah Museum, so named because it is located in Jalan Taman Fatahillah No. 2, Jakarta. Fatahillah Museum, before it was inaugurated as a museum on March 30, 1974, a former City Hall building (Stadhuis). With classic baroque style, the museum presents a typical architecture that adds to the atmosphere more closely exploration. Fatahillah Museum consists of three floors which includes both of the wind at the top. Storing a collection of 25,000 objects, making the Museum Fatahillah one option for educational traveled.

Looked at the park, which adds a few cannons tough building. Only 2,000 spending money, you can browse through historical traces of Jakarta, between the hours of 9:00 pm until 15:00 pm. From the entrance, the room left is the part that displays the development of Jakarta from time to time. The floor is made of wood with high ceilings a distinctive design in its heyday.

Moving into the next room, you'll be shown relics of prehistory. There are also paintings depicting life in that era. Pleased to see the legacy of the old, move into the room that showcased the heritage sites of the Kingdom of Tarumanegara. In this room there is the inscription King of the Kingdom as well as miniature Tarumanegara. Unfortunately, the strap peg on which protects the inscription is dangling so easy to touch the hands of visitors.

From the middle of the room, there are stairs that take you to the rear garden. You will be amazed by the statue of Hermes of high artistic value. From there, you will see Sijagur cannon that sits between the museum office. Back to the inside of the museum, you enter the room that tells the history of the development of Fatahillah Museum. The information boards made filled room equipped floodlight so you can read it clearly. In the next room, you will be amazed with miniature made Kampung Baru mosque pulpits and portrait Betawi culture that became the cover searches on the ground floor.

Crawling to the second floor, you "transfer" large wooden ladder is sturdy. On this floor, you will see a lot of furniture typical of the era of the 17th century. The room is more elegant with a magnificent painting of the Dutch colonial administration. Moving to the right room, you are greeted a large mirror, there is also a large dining table like the story of the kingdom. Then in the other room, you'll find plenty of large closet with beautiful carvings.

Collection should not be missed visits are painting Daendels and room divider carved gods in Greek mythology. Meanwhile, in another corner of the room there is a room equipped with large beds, cots, and wardrobe at the time. Moving into the room inbetween, you can go ahead and look around the Museum Fatahillah through the window.

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