Friday, 8 March 2013

Shanghai City Beautification

so charming. The appeal of one of the largest cities in China that makes the travelers enjoy day trips to the city with modern architecture.
Shanghai offers a variety of charm that is so tempting for anyone who visited there, from traditional culture populated by luxury modernity today. Shanghai is one of the businesses in the Bamboo Curtain country. Economic progress has been promoting accessible tourism Shanghai city.

On the sidelines saw Indonesia Pavilion at World Expo 2010 in October, I took myself around the city of Shanghai. I was accompanied Gilang, an Indonesian citizen who has graduated from college and now work in the city of Shanghai. In fact, Gilang married a girl from Shanghai.

In addition to knowing the ins and outs of the city of Shanghai, fluency in Mandarin-speaking Gilang very helpful. Understandably, not many residents of Shanghai who speaks English.

Thus, almost all communication using Mandarin. Shanghai is so magnificent. Lots of skyscrapers were built there. Shanghai as China's cities more is being continued organize themselves. Its growth is so rapid, at least in the last 10 years.

China has become more open and friendly to foreigners. Not excessive when the splendor Shanghai already be aligned with the major cities of the world, such as Paris (France), Tokyo (Japan) and Seoul (South Korea).

However, the rapid economic and technological advancement, Shanghai has not been matched by human resources people. One of them can be seen from the lack of the number of people there who speaks English.Moreover, in terms of customs, there are still many people who spit carelessly. However, the Shanghai government's firmness in implementing and enforcing the rules of discipline have made "a little short" is not a serious obstacle to the progress of Shanghai.

Upholding the rule in Shanghai has made the investment climate there is so advanced. Sure enforcement also makes convenience for the tourists who visit there.

The Bund Lots of interesting places to visit in Shanghai. One is The Bund. This area is located in the heart of the city and is an icon of Shanghai. Yang Pu River about one kilometer wide zone dividing Shanghai, Pudong and the poems. In the river, tourists can ride the boat to enjoy the beauty of the City of Shanghai.

All ships in the area of ​​The Bund whirl. It also makes the City of Shanghai so alive. The Bund district is characterized by the presence of a tall tower named Pearl Tower that looks unique. Of the tower height of about 80 levels, tourists can see Shanghai from the more broadly.

"As Monas (National Monument) in Jakarta. So, tourists can enter and climb to the Pearl Tower. In addition to enjoying a wonderful view of the city of Shanghai, in which also many restaurants which serves nice meals, "said Martina, a student from a college in Shanghai Bali.

Do not want to up the Pearl Tower, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of Shanghai by standing on one side of the river. The scenery is equally beautiful. On the banks of the river that we could enjoy the Bund is so mesmerizing.

Scenery more beautiful at night with the lights shining from the hundreds of buildings that lined both sides of the river. Radiant lights of ships that pass in there also adds to the city's life when the evening.

Interestingly, near the Bund stood many buildings with European architecture, such as Germany, Britain, and France. Understandably, the first Shanghai had become the bone of contention is the third European country before the arrival of the Japanese to invade China.

Besides the beautiful scenery, charm Shanghai mainly on cleanliness. There was no trash piled up on the side of the road, no street vendors (PKL) who sell wild on the roadside.

Everything is neat. Moreover, many city parks are deliberately created by the Shanghai Municipal Government. So is the river water looks clean and free of litter. This is in contrast to the river at Jakarta were dirty and smelly.

Shanghai allure others also because the city has excellent transport links, modern, and inexpensive. Shanghai has subwayyang trains linking the entire region in the city of Shanghai. In addition, there are many city buses are available to take passengers with reasonably priced rates.

For example, riding the subway trains charge 3 RMB to 8 RMB depending on the distance. The city bus that runs 24 hours, the rate was even cheaper than the subway trains. If you have more money, too many taxis operating in Shanghai. Compared in Jakarta, taxi fares in Shanghai is a bit expensive. Once opened the door, the price is 12 RMB.

"However, if the above at 23:00 until 05:00, the rate rises. Open the door, so 16 RMB. as well as a mileage of 2.4 to 2.7 RMB RMB daylight that night, "said Martina who had three years studying there.

Shanghai residents more friendly and appreciative stranger after a variety of international events held in the city, such as the World Expo 2010.

Moreover, the Shanghai Municipal Government continued to socialize various social ads or moral for citizens and foreigners to stay comfortable in Shanghai.

For example, in the taxi written guide for foreigners who do not speak Mandarin. It says, If you have any problems connecting with taxi drivers, you may call the Shanghai Center for free assistance at 962 288. This is done because it is very rare taxi driver there who could speak English.

Shanghai is also widely available in rental cars for tourists. The price varies, depending on the type and class of vehicle rented. For example, for a van type car, it costs about 1,500 RMB / 10 hours, sedans average 500-900 RMB / 10 hours.

Shanghai has 4 seasons each year. Incidentally while there earlier this month, Shanghai is experiencing autumn. Temperature around 12 degrees Celsius. Pretty cool, especially when there is no wind.

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