Wednesday, 14 May 2014

13 Unique Vacation Tips

Many holiday tips that you may already know. But the tips that we will present this very unique, and maybe you should try it because it can help you more holiday different and fun. We take these tips from the experts Traveling the world. Listen and try to practice on your holiday to come. 

1. Sit in the middle seat aircraft. From there, you can get acquainted with new people and could have got a new story out of them. (Travel editor, Bob Payne) 

2. Take photos of your car parking area at the airport. When the vacation home, the picture will be your savior. (Owner Tucker & Associates, Lori Tucker) 

3. Nobody board in the hotel room? Use a table lamp in the room to straighten the crumpled clothes. (Owner Tucker & Associates, Lori Tucker) 

4. The unexpected Portrait using your mobile phone. Because usually, in the event of an impromptu most busy traveler taking a few moments while the camera just happened in a few seconds. (A travel journalist in National Geographic and CNN, as well as traveling author, Marybeth Bond) 

5. Never fly in a state hungry stomach. The situation was only going to ruin your holiday. Eat oatmeal or fruit that can maintain the stability of the body. (Senior Deputy Director of Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, Hoyt H Harper II) 

6. Carry and Roll tennis balls at your feet while flying old aircraft. It can help blood circulation in a way that is easy and fun (Senior Deputy Director of Westin Hotels & Resorts and Le Merdien, Brian Povinelli) 

7. Carry notes. Write, or any image that came to mind during the holidays. It will give a deeper meaning than vacation photos and videos. (A travel journalist, author traveling, Pam Grout) 

8. Always bring isolation. These objects can be saved in many events, including sandals when broken, damaged or and other bags. (A travel journalist in National Geographic and CNN, as well as traveling author, Marybeth Bond) 

9. Carry objects that make you calm. It is very helpful when you are traveling long and far from home. I usually carry one of the mothers jewelry. When frustrated or lonely, I held it and tried to think of the mother. (A travel journalist in National Geographic and CNN, as well as traveling author, Marybeth Bond) 

10. The walk, you can get so much more experience than using the vehicle during the holidays. The streets around the city or vacation area allows you to meet with the event or the unexpected. This is what will make your holiday unusual. (Journalist and author, Jeryl Brunner) 

11. Be open to new things. Vacation is one way to develop the ability and mind. Open your heart and mind, do not be afraid to accept the challenge and try to do new things. (A travel journalist, Sherry Amantenstein) 

12. Always take multisteker. It will be useful when you are traveling abroad. Because, not all outlet has the same hole. (Manager of a travel agent Travel Azumano, Jason Hedrick) 

13. Always ready sterile plastic. These objects can be useful for many things. Bring some plastic at once. This plastic can be a place for food that is not exhausted, or objects to leak or spill, and include sand or the beautiful autumn leaves. (Travel blogger, Laura Manske)

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