Saturday, 3 May 2014

4 avoid this , while women do the traveling

women travelling
Today, many women who choose to travel on vacation alone or unaccompanied by men. But , there are some things that must be considered if the woman is holding traveling , either with friends or alone :

Wear Sexy Clothes
Using revealing clothes when roads alone will provoke others who do not know to tease , or even do things more extreme than that. Therefore , we recommend using ordinary clothing that does not invite curiosity to see new people .

Many women who choose to be arrogant or Jutek to others simply because fear is not well treated by a stranger . In fact , it could also lead to an undesirable result . Therefore , be friendly to others but not excessive . Talk to the degree necessary to those encountered in a vacation spot , but limit conversation and body gestures .

talk tough
When a woman feels herself brave , arrogant and a tendency to say or do things that are not good more possibly take place . To that end , avoid this attitude and be what it is . If you did not know, yes ask . If this is the fear of getting lost , so ask directions .

Women who like ignorant not only be used as objects by people around or foreigners , but also could be a boomerang for himself . ignorant of any kind to strangers should not be done so as not to get into trouble during the trip .

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