Friday, 9 May 2014

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Bali Ubud
Envision your vacation in a beautiful place but still does not make you go bankrupt ? Smart choose cheap tourist spot .

Skycanner released various travel websites best travel destinations in various parts of the world but still cheap .

There are some cheap tourist destination that could be your destination for 2014 , as quoted from the News .

1 . Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a destination colonial budget friendly . The area was formerly called Ceylon also has Weligama , one of my favorite surf location for beginner surfers .

2 . India

You can feel the life of the king or to enjoy the charm of India as a backpacker travelers .

Goa in western India , you can swim with the turtles , hunting for bargains in Anjuna flea market and maybe try a new hobby like kitesurfing .

Culinary tours are cheap in India worth a try . Rich curry flavor and traditional drinks can be tried during the trip .

3 . Croatia

Discover the rich history and stunning beaches of Croatia in a cheap trip . During August, temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius , and is widely used for sunbathing or a sail on a chartered boat . You can enjoy a tour of the islands off the coast of Split or buy goods at duty free market .

4 . Bali , Indonesia

It's no secret , on vacation in Bali holiday at the same time is a fantastic cultural visits . You will not regret visiting the cultural center of Bali , Ubud , watching traditional Indonesian batik artwork and hundreds of impressive temples .

Room rents are very affordable hotels in Bali for an enjoyable holiday . Besides Bali , there are many beautiful islands in Indonesia such as Lombok to the natural environment .

5 . Vietnam

The country is a lucrative destination for backpackers . On the Reunification Palace , travelers can witness the great war ever raged in this country through an impressive replica .

The food was tasty and cheap easily found here , the contents of the soup with chicken or beef with cheap price .

6 . Honduras

After landing in Honduras , you can find many cheap goods . Another alternative is to cross into neighboring Costa Rica .

While many luxury resorts , Honduras still retains a rural charm that can be found in during the trip . Mayan village also became one of the popular tourist destinations in the world .

7 . Fiji

Island in the South Pacific is a tropical paradise . White sand , palm trees , white water rafting , kayaking and skydiving in Nadi cheaper with amazing underwater scenes .

Many accommodation options in this country , ranging from luxury honeymoon or backpacker budget . You can choose perfectly appropriate travel budget .

8 . Malaysian

Looking for a city break but do not spend a lot of budget ? Kuala Lumpur is the answer .

Malaysia's capital to provide cheap food , accommodation and the mixture sparingly Asian culture . In China Town , you can bargain , or enjoy a delicious bread and curry in Little India with a friendly price .

9 . Turkish

The meeting between the western and eastern regions of the Mediterranean made ​​to be very special .

The best time to visit Turkey from May to October . Visitors can enjoy the city of Riviera , which rival the beauty of France with only one-third the cost .

Pamphylia become a major tourist destination in Turkey . Here you can explore the ruins of the Roman city for free .

10 . Cambodia

One of the seven wonders of the world , public transportation War residing in this country . In the temple complex , you can enjoy the sunrise .

You can stay in Siem Reap , the town closest to Angkor with low- cost , two dollars per night .

In the capital of Phnom Penh , there is a royal palace and shopping centers . There is also the Killing Fields that holds the remains of the tragic massacres of the past . Access is easily accessible through a tour of Phnom Penh tuktuk .

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