Sunday, 15 June 2014

How to Choose the Best how in Airplane Seats?

airplane seat
We never know in what order the chair we sit on the plane, because the plane seat distribution is a mysterious thing. Passengers will not know where they would sit before the check-in clerk told her, unless they have a seat in advance when purchasing tickets online.

A study of airline EasyJet provides advice to get a seat as required when traveling by plane. Here's the list:

Choose an aisle seat behind the wing. The reason, an extensive study of Popular Mechanics found that passengers in the near wing aircraft have chances of survival by about 40 percent than those who sit in the first few rows. Another advantage, sitting in the back lets you get off the plane quickly in an emergency that requires evacuation.

Choose a window seat on the left side of the plane, near the center of the plane. The reason, the window on the left side, giving a better place to lay your head. The middle section plane also ensures you will not be distracted by passengers back and forth to the toilet.

Space more airy
Choose a seat at the back. The reason, of all airlines always provide a wider cabin space in the rear of the plane.

Out faster
Select the front seat on the left side of the plane. The reason, the main entrance is located at the front of the plane, so they are sitting in the front will always come out faster.

Child seat
If you are traveling with small children, choose an aisle seat. Thus, the child has a wider space and not be tied to a chair during the flight.

source ; Huffington Post

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