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see streets Macau Cultural History

A Ma Temple
Let's crawl in the historic and cultural Macau .. 
Every country must have a track record of each nation during the course of civilization. In addition to history, civilization of a country is also enriched by the cultural community. Well, the second element of [historical-cultural] here, which in itself establish the character and identity of a nation. From there was born the sense of beauty and pride. 

Aesthetic sense of beauty over a country we can usually find through tourist attractions of every region, including Macau owned.

History as a colony of the Portuguese, making Macau is now a part of China's territory rich cultural mix. Rich history and culture was all painted from the tourist spots following: 

A Ma Temple 
A Ma Temple is the most famous temples in Macau and very beautiful. Not only beautiful, this temple also became the forerunner of the name Macau. When you are in this temple, you should try the adventure in it. 

Noted, the first temple in Macau, has several pavilions to pray. Each pavilion is divided into four levels. There is also the Memorial Arch, Prayer Hall, the Hall of Benevolence, Hall of Guanyin, and Zhenggijiao Chalin [Buddhist pavilion]. 

Ruins of St. Paul. Paul 
Tourist attractions that are formed from the debris of the fire Mater Dei Church, near St. John's University. Paul, has left the history and culture of Macau memorable. 

Now the building, leaving only the face, lined up as city gates city of Macau and the altar. The building is comprised of the carved stone, designed the Jesuits from Italy with the help of the Japanese masons, Christian. 

Museum of Macau 
Called a museum, because storing the parts of history. Well, Macau also has a museum, called the Museum of Macau. In the past, the museum is named Mount Fortress, which was built in conjunction with the St. Paul by the Jesuits. 

In 1622, Mount Fortress is very effective as the Portuguese defense of the Dutch attack. However, several times Mount Fortress changing function. Among them was once the residence of the Governor. Now Mount of Fortress Macau officially became a museum, the forerunner of many showcase Macau, until a trip for four centuries. 

Leal Senado Buildinging
This is a tourist destination, is the first mayor's office in Macau. Since founded in 1784 to date, Leal Senado Building-still have the same function. Leal Senado name-derived from "City of Our Name of God Macau, There is None More Loyal", which was given by King Dom John IV, Portuguese nationality. 

When visiting here, guaranteed you will be amazed by the condition of the building and the room. Because, spatial neo-classical Leal Senado is still 100-percent original inception. 

Portuguese Folk Dance 
Is a folk dance that has been bringing together elements of dance and song Portuguese, to create the music of The Legend of Lilau. This dance brings the story of the arrival of the Portuguese, about 400 years ago. Then talked about the transformation of Macau, from just a small fishermen village, becoming an international city. 

Music and songs sung in Portuguese Folk Dance, the original Portuguese folk dances combine to enliven a multicultural environment, for centuries.

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