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some of the most favored tourist destinations of foreign tourists

eifel tower, paris - france
You know, the tourists or tourists traveled to a country not only because of tourist attractions and places of entertainment alone but beautiful scenery and culture of his city or his art. Here are seven of the most favorite country and famous or popular as a tourist destination tourists or tourists from different parts of the world.

Of the seven countries, there are 2 adjacent to the Indonesian state, namely Malaysia and Bangkok. It may be that this will be your next tourist spot for those who want to travel cheap.

1. Barcelona - Number of visitors / year: 8.41 million People

Is a city in Spain. The room opens outward, its shopping area and the main attraction of the city structure of this country. In this city you can enjoy a variety of cultural arts in the beautiful city suguhkan. Where when you walk in this city, you will not only relax you but like a walk in the city is filled with art. Enjoy fresh food and treat your mouth with a variety of sweet dishes such as chocolate and the cookies.

2. Bangkok - Number of visitors / year: 15.98 million People
Is the capital of the State of Thailand. In Bangkok you can enjoy a wide variety of cheap food, good food and of course fruits that can make your stomach full at a cheap price. World full evening of entertainment at various local venues such as clubs that you can commonly encountered. Then you can refresh your body and mind to enjoy the beach and water recreation.

3. Hong Kong - The number of visitors / year: 8.72 million People
The city has become one of the fastest growing countries in the world.
In Hong Kong, you can enjoy the entertainment that you probably will not forget such an attraction Ocean Park is an amusement park beautiful underwater where you can find thousands of species of fish.

Giant Buddha, the largest Buddha statue is the main attraction of Hong Kong.
Then you can visit the Hong Kong Disney Land.

4. The London - The number of visitors / year: 15.96 million People
Is the capital of England and the United Kingdom, the country became the 2nd most widely visited. In 2012, london into place Organizing Olympic event in 2012 and brings a lot of tourists who want to watch the Olympic games.

In london you can enjoy the beautiful city, with a neat layout and historic structures that make you wake up as if I was in the 18th century. Then you can visit the "London Eye", a road Windmill (Ferris Wheel) in the world, and you can enjoy delicious food that you can meet in various cafe, restaurant, tea or lunch while enjoying the aroma of the city of London.

5. Kuala Lumpur - The number of visitors / year: 9.20 million People
Is the capital of the Malaysian state. This is the 2nd country most travelers visit are close to Indonesia. In Kuala Lumpur you can enjoy shopping cheap and comfortable. Enjoy local food and snacks that can satisfy its your stomach. Travelling in the region consisting of trees and beautiful lakes. Then you can go to one of the iconic Petronas Twin Tower buildings ie. In this country like Singapore is a multicultural, where you can meet all kinds of people.

6. Istanbul - Number of visitors / year: 10.37 million People
The city is located in the west of the country Turkey. Istanbul is a city that is a festival event. In this city you can enjoy the festival to give a fresh new look of the other cities in the world. You can enjoy water trip you can visit the ferry ride.

You can enjoy typical dishes such as turkey kebabs commonly met in Indonesia. You can also purchase quality carpets in the Grand Bazaar.

7. Paris - Number of visitors / year: 13.92 million People
Is the capital of France. Not surprisingly, the French state capital into a place that is made in most tourist attractions and honeymoon. The city is famous for love and romantic city in various angles.

You can enjoy typical dishes are accompanied with treats paris city beautiful scenery accompanied with light / Eiffel Tower sparkle at night time. Eiffel Tower became the number 1 attraction of paris, where various movie theaters often be one of the iconic wonders of this world become the place of choice.

So that's some of the most favorite tourist destinations at this time. Anyone interested to visit?

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