Sunday, 20 July 2014

3 Most Toxic Island in the World

Okunoshima Island 
Earth is composed of several continents, oceans, including the islands are inhabited or uninhabited. Some islands are considered the most dangerous and deadly island in the world. This can happen for several reasons, including the presence of predators or even toxic substances. There are dangerous because the island had a sulfur gas, nuclear radiation or traces of former chemical weapons factory. Although dangerous and toxic, however a number of tourists who had the guts still come to the islands is the most toxic. The following are the three islands that are considered the most poisonous in the world. 

1 Okunoshima Island 
Hiroshima Executive is a small island located in the Sea of ​​Japan, Takehara City, Hiroshima prefecture. To reach the island of Hiroshima Executive can use the ferry from Tadanoumi and Omushima. Okunoshima Island is also commonly referred to by the name of Rabbit Island. The island was inhabited by many rabbits were first used as a test device success poisonous gas. In World War 2, Hiroshima Executive Island has a dark record. At that time, the island in the region Takehara, Hiroshima, Japan was used as a poison gas plant at the same trial. 

Although no life especially rabbits on the island, but the island does not mean it's safe to visit. For rabbits that there are animal studies to the toxic gas. Although there is now a hotel with a golf course and a plot area for camping, but the island still feels tense. Many tourists who do not believe that this island is free of toxic gases. 

2 Miyakejima Island 
After Okunoshima, the next island is dangerous and toxic Miyakejima. Still in Japan, the island is precisely located in Izu Islands was always struck by earthquake every few years. It takes guts big enough to stay on the island because of an active volcano located on the island of removing sulfur gases that kill. Gas is not only out of the mountain, but also from the soil. In 2000, the volcano erupted again and all residents were evacuated entirely. 

With a curious reason, today there are many tourists who visit the island of Miyakejima. In fact, the island has now become one of the attractions in Japan. Travelers who want to go will be equipped with masks. Although the level of sulfur in the sulfur waters high enough, but there are only tourists who dare to swim in some of the small lakes on the island. 

3 Bikini Island 
Bikini Island is a small island in the western Pacific Marshall Islands, Micronesia Islands region, the Republic of the Marshal Islands. The extent of only 5.2 m2. Surrounded by 36 smaller islands that lie along the 40 km and 25 km wide. The island turned out to be very dangerous and deadly enough for two reasons, namely nuclear radiation and sharks. In 1946, the island was used as a nuclear testing. Activity was named Operation Crossroad detonated nuclear has high radiation. Nuclear testing does not stop there, later on named Castle Bravo nuclear operations surged again. In fact this is the largest nuclear explosion ever conducted the United States. As a result, the radiation spread beyond the circumference of the island is safe. Worse, there are 23 sailors were exposed to radiation. 

In addition to nuclear radiation, in the waters of the island is also the habitat of hundreds of sharks are dangerous. The local government issued a statement that could have inhabited this island back in 1986, but French scientists apparently found nearly 90 percent of radiation on the body of a local resident. As a result, many diseases suffered by the residents who allegedly because of the effects of the radiation. And since 1988, the United States government was doing a program to clean up the residue with a fund of no less than 90 million USD....

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