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6 Ways Maximum Tourism Travel Places Aquarium

Travel Places Aquarium 
The roads to the tourist attractions themed aquarium would have been nice. No need to wet, you can see a variety of fish and sea creatures in sight. Before that, read the first 6 way up to the aquarium this holiday. 

SeaWorld had in Ancol Jakarta and the World Freshwater TMII. Singapore has the famous Aquarium SEA with super large aquarium. Malaysia, Thailand and Australia also have a variety of captivating aquarium. Tourist attractions aquarium is one of the alternative holiday tourism, because ticket prices are relatively affordable and promise the experience of meeting a strange fish. 

Vacation in order to maximize aquarium sights, you also have to know how.  the following 6 ways to vacation maximum tourist attractions aquarium: 

1 Come early as possible 

You'll want to come early as possible while on vacation in aquarium attractions. The advantage comes the morning is you can explore until the contents settle in and more time to take pictures. Visits to the aquarium does not rush because the water is very dear animal behavior when enjoyed only fleeting. 

By coming as early as possible, you also do not need to jostle with other visitors. Know what time the aquarium sights you want to go and come early. 

2 Do not use the flash when photographed 
For those of you who want the photos at tourist spots aquarium, you should not use the camera flash. Not without reason, the light from the flash will be reflected by the glass aquarium and make the images is not good. 

To that end, set the right angle in order to get good results. Take advantage of the room light so that the image obtained is not too dark. Some digital cameras have a feature aquarium scene, your camera will select and adjust settings. 

3 Encourage children to touch pool 
Almost in all the aquarium must have a touch pool. The pool invites visitors to be in direct contact with the fish and various other sea creatures. 

Calm down, safety is assured. You will feel a tingling sensation or soft when touching the fish directly. More fun, if you bring the baby. Recreation at the same time is not educational? 

4 Check the time of feeding fish 
One of the most fun activities at tourist attractions is the aquarium to feed the fish or fish feeding. But remember, this activity does not take place every day and only at certain times. 

You can browse the aquarium tourist places or ask the officers to search for information about feeding the fish. Usually free, but sometimes there is an additional cost, but it's okay as long as you have fun. 

5. photo in the glass tunnel 
The coolest place to take pictures at tourist attractions is the aquarium in a glass tunnel. Like a glass tunnel in SeaWorld Ancol, a favorite place of tourists to take pictures. 

But just do not snap. Wait for the moment when a stingray or shark passed over you. Snap! You also pictured with manta fish that were swimming-pool on top of the head. 

6 Make sure the fish look weird 
Each tourist aquarium fish collection or has some strange sea creatures. For example, in World Freshwater TMII, there are fish that alligators and crocodiles snout like a pufferfish inflate like a balloon when it is threatened. If at Siam Ocean World Bangkok, there is a giant spider crabs which natural habitat is in the bottom of the sea of Japan.

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