Sunday, 6 July 2014

amazing, Trains Used Transformed So Hotel

santos express train
An old train parked at Santos Beach, South Africa transformed into a unique small hotels. The hotel called The Santos Express Train Lodge is intended for travelers who enjoy visiting the port city of Mossel Bay, in the south of Cape Town. 

The former train standing on the disused rail located approximately 30 meters from the sea. By offering an affordable price, no wonder if many tourists who choose to enjoy the beach from behind the train. 

Reported Amusing Planet, this train has seven carriages were identical with sleeping compartment on the night train. Because intended for backpackers, this train does not have a bedroom like a regular hotel. However, the visitors can rest in a bed that is on the carriages are provided. 

As with hotels, also provided a large bathroom and a small kitchen to be used together with other visitors. 

To reach out to wealthy travelers, there are two special carriages each containing a suite of rooms with interior design Vintage 1920s. The suite is quite spacious for two people occupied, because it consists of a bathroom and a private deck. 

For storing valuables, visitors can leave him at the reception desk to be stored in the deposit box. 

Although used trains, does not mean you will not get additional facilities like in hotels in general. Here, you can also enjoy the experience of dining at a restaurant that serves a variety of train traditional South African dishes are exotic; like bobotie or spicy meat topped with custard, and flowers waterblommetjiebredie or boiled water.

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