Saturday, 28 February 2015

Amazing Hidden paradise in Mexico

travel in hidden beach
Located in the region of small islands uninhabited within a few miles of the coast Nayarit, Mexico, Marieta Islands became one of the world heaven. Because among the many natural wonders on the other islands, such as `Playa del Amor" or "island of love", this island has an identity as `hidden beach`.

Identity was formed because the beach is almost completely hidden in a cave that can be achieved by swimming through a very narrow tunnel.

Natural wonders of the beach in this cave was tricked people become more interesting by creating a sinkhole or sinkholes that this natural wonder can be seen despite of the upper surface.

This island has been used as a national park because of populations of marine life such as humpback whales, dolphins and stingrays growth there.

Another newspaper said that the bombings which cause erosion is the story behind the inaugural Marieta Islands as a National Park in 1960.

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