Monday, 27 July 2015

amazing, it turns out there is a hell in Singapore

Haw Par Villa
Foreign tourists do not feel satisfied if it does not feel the sensation of the most unique tourist destinations in Singapore. The lion country has several tourist attractions that can hypnotize the tourists, one of Haw Par Villa. Not much different from Universal Studios or Sentosa Island, Haw Par Villa offers a variety of uniqueness that you can enjoy for free.

In general, Haw Par Villa is an attraction where there are over 1000 statues and 150 dioramas with the theme of the story of the Chinese people. Haw Par Villa was built by two brothers descendants of the Sino-Burma named Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par. Haw Par Villa name taken from both of their names.

Officially opened in 1937, this tourist destination has the intent and purpose for the tourists which give an idea about the image of the stages in hell. 1000 statues and dioramas there are a few scattered famous statue is a statue of a woman who was suckling on a grandmother and there are several statues of demon who was holding the knife.

Which makes it a unique tourist destination is the presence of several dioramas depicting hell so that the tourists who come to taste the atmosphere or imagined horrible atmosphere of hell. If you invite a relative or minor children, there is one benefit that can be obtained from Haw Par Villa where children can find out about the notion of hell so that they can teach children to do good.

Some foreign tourists who first visited these places argues, that the Haw Par Villa is a tourist destination that is quite creepy. Small children should also be extra careful because they might never want to come back to Haw Par Villa because there are dioramas depicting man dropped into a hole filled with a knife, and some that seem to scream in pain in a pool of lava. However, it all comes back to the main purpose of Haw Par Villa which is to educate children so that they do evil during their lives.

A tourist destination is quite challenging guts, and you are advised not only to visit a tourist spot only. There are several attractions in Singapore that offers a unique include Madame Tussauds, Gardens by the Bay, and Snow City.

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