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Destination Extraordinary Inspired Novel

New Zealand
Read the novel makes you the mind so be carried to distant places every time you turn a page by page. Readers who inspired his life changed after reading a book or novel adventure. However, for some people, reading a good adventure novel is not enough. They need to live it and experience it directly.

From green pastures and rolling hills, New Zealand to the top of Mount Everest, this goal worldwide is home to some of the greatest literary adventure. Inspired by the adventures of five novels written by this literary adventure, follows a list of trips for those who want a life changing experience with direct traveled places that you find in the novel.

1. New Zealand - The Hobbit, J.r.r. Tolkien

Many adventure lovers agree that the Tolkien stories are some of the greatest adventure stories of all time. In each page, excitement, risks and opportunities abound. While traveling to The Shire to the forest of Mirkwood and the Misty Mountains is very difficult to make happen, but a trip to New Zealand (where the Hobbit movie was filmed) best for you to follow.

Waikato region, making a beautiful interpretation of the words of Tolkien. This is a wonderful place to travel alone or with friends, with the opportunity to hike, bike and stroll along the river. There is a city that has many beaches and islands. You can also visit spots in the book and movie Hobbiton, fascination with hobbit hole, sheep and a replica of The Green Dragon Inn.
2. Caribbean - Far Tortuga, Peter Matthiessen
 Reality a dream that Matthiessen pour in the Far Tortuga. A poetic depiction of the life of the ship Lillias Eden on turtle hunting trip, an adventure story contemplating emotions in life. Matthiessen detailed descriptions of the landscape and the sea makes the longing for traveling and traveled to the ocean.

Read this novel when you sit on the Caribbean coast, like the rush of waves in the sand, and you will feel as if you have to swim directly into the text of the novel. In an interview in 1989, Matthiessen said, "Far Tortuga Originally started as a non-fiction piece for The New Yorker. I've heard of a man who still runs schooner from Grand Cayman to Nicaragua, a sea turtle fishing. I The New Yorker to send me on a schooner, and I was stunned by the men and their attitude towards the sea, how they handle themselves without life-preserving equipment, dangerous reefs and everything is so outdated, so naked and reserves. I am interested in the spareness "he said.

So it would not hurt for you to visit this island, Cayman Islands. Although you may not board the ship who runs a mission as told in this novel, at least you can enjoy the beauty of the sea like a paradise.

3. France, Italy and the Mediterranean - The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas
 The story of Edmond Dantes is one of the famous novel with a story of betrayal, imprisonment, resurrection and revenge, compassion and forgiveness, The Count of Monte Cristo took place in France, Italy and the Mediterranean during 1815-1839 from Bourbon Restoration era to the reign of Louis-Philippe ,Dantes, was jailed for six years, qualify and create a new identity as a wealthy man, finally revenge on those responsible for his detention.

In Paris, you can find a variety of locations that are described in detail in this book, such as Rue de la Jussienne & Rue Coq-Héron place Noirtier de Villefort police chase through the streets, or the Church of Saint Sulpice where Dantes and stay under the guise of Abbé Busoni ,

While in Italy, Corniche Kennedy has a beautiful view of the islands 'Chateau d'If', where Dantes imprisoned in the book. If lucky, you can visit the island of Monte Cristo in the Tyrrhenian Sea, which became famous after being appointed as the novel. This resulted in a long list of visitors who traveled to this area. So that local governments set limits only 1,000 visitors are allowed to visit each year.

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