Monday, 13 July 2015

While some First surprise to Europe

You might think common things to expect on a big trip to Europe as you stunning views, delicious coffee, people are friendly and courteous backpackers.

However, there are many that will surprise you encounter when on vacation the first time on European soil, which is one of the world's great destinations.

1. Everyone Smoking 

You do not be surprised if upon arrival in Europe you ingest tobacco smoke in virtually every public space. You should be careful eating in public spaces and for those who do not smoke be prepared to secondhand smoke while there.

2. Europe Should Not Be Expensive
 Europe known as expensive destination, you will be surprised at how cheap some cities in Western Europe, especially in southern regions such as Spain, Portugal, and Berlin. In these places you can shop with a very cheap price.

3. The area's Really Hot 
You might imagine the snow-covered mountains when going to visit Europe. But different things you get when you head south, Spain or Italy in mid-summer. That's when the weather will be very hot unbearable.

4. Food is Good 
Although it has a good reputation of the culinary, but Europe is not a place that provides tasty food. But not to worry, there are still some local restaurants that provide good food. If you find one of these restaurants there, you will be the happiest tourists, given the difficulty of finding food is tasty and in accordance with the tongues of Asia.

5. Coffee Bad
 If you are familiar with a dish of white coffee delights, you will be disappointed when you are in France, Germany, Switzerland, and even in most of Spain. Taste of the coffee served is not satisfactory. Italian only be your savior. Italy is famous for its stone Italian coffee.

6. Cheap Wine and Cheese 
You do not have to pay 20 euros per bottle, or even 10 euros. Only by visiting the nearest supermarket and you will be able to pick up a bottle of wine like taking soda. The wine here is priced at around six euros alone, addition plus some bread with cheese best at the same price. Your dinner is very easy and cheap is not it?

7. You do not need Queuing 
When tourists to Europe often tell stories two or three hours queuing to get into places that are famous tourist, now you can order admission tickets online for Barcelona La Sagrada Familia for example. The Louvre in Paris, arrived at the "Port des Lions' entrance will also help you avoid long lines by ordering tickets online.

8. Evil is rampant 
Despite what is often heard criminal cases in Europe, but street crime is not a major problem in Western Europe. Even with simple precautions such as zipping your bag tightly and do not put your wallet in your back pocket, you can travel comfortably and without interruption.

9. Cost Trains expensive
 If you think it will save money by using the train, the mind is wrong. Except for intercity trains in Europe, if you do not book far in advance you can pay very expensive, even more expensive than using the aircraft. So prepare your holiday around Europe well.

10. Music is Everywhere

 Many world musicians from Europe. Ranging from parents to play the accordion outside the restaurant with a jazz band playing in the square this town you can find your journey. You can appreciate the great talents of Europe's roads by providing a coin when it passed.

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