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Epic Sentani Lake festival

Lake Sentani Festival
Largest three cultural events. One of them is Lake Sentani Festival Papua, which makes this interesting cultural event because enlivened by more than 500 participants by displaying the Papuan tribal cultures totality with a traditional appearance. Actually, the three biggest cultural festival in Papua

 1. Lake Sentani Festival
2. Baliem Valley Festival in Wamena and
3. Festival Raja Ampat Papua.

Which makes interesting Lake Sentani Festival is compared with the other two largest festivals in Papua this is war dance performed on a boat, because the tribes here supposedly advance if battle they will fight in a boat on Lake Sentani. When I came here is very reasonable if the festival is one of the three biggest festivals, because it was held for a few days and they are very totality in introducing their tribal culture. Because this is the totality of the work of this festival becomes epic and colossal because it was attended by more than 500 participants. Maybe it could be regarded as one of the biggest festivals in Indonesia.

Also Lake Sentani Festival presents a variety of interesting events for residents and tourists who attend an exhibition and culinary culture of the 19 districts in Papua. Also the festival will attempt to break the record MURI is painting on wood. Presented a cultural parade of Ethnic Groups Culture and archipelago in Jayapura (on June 17, 2014). There are performances ISilo Also, the which is a traditional dance on the boat, folk music and folklore. Moreover, it will be displayed as well 'Tifa Gema Prosperity "the which played to 500 people dressed in traditional.Sure, the most crowded and epic festival is at the opening, but the tourists who come to enliven various Competitions held during the four-day festival, Including: boat rowing race for men, for women's boat rowing race, the race flute drum, as well as the folk song contest with a special song of the soil Tabi. This year the festival will Also travel to the island scheduled tour Asei and Adjunct Island featuring local cultural rituals.

During the festival events will be Followed by the promotion of tourist attraction implementation Papua.Points Sentani Festival is located at Lake Sentani IS ALSO one of the Reviews largest lake in Papua, the which are located not far from Jayapura, capital of Papua. Stage house with a pool and fishing nets are a common sight on this lake. Lake Sentani IS ALSO home to at least 33 species of fish that nearly half of the original lake. Travelers usually will take the liberty to swim in a lake or mingle with the friendly local people while looking at the process of making sago, eating papeda, or tasting fruit matoa commonly sold on the roadside or in the traditional circuit has markets.

Lake Sentani Festival along with Festival Baliem Valley and Asmat Festival has been deemed to have managed to boost the number of visits of foreign tourists and the archipelago to the province of Papua. The third festival is Considered impressive display uniqueness of indigenous peoples in addition to the natural beauty of Papua.I suggest to come to this festival not only one or two days, a minimum of 4 days and 3 nights fastest. Why? Because tiketdari Jakarta to Jayapura alone is quite expensive, could 5m PP and be a pity if come here just to watch the festival. The ideal is 2 days watching the festival, the which is currently before the event takes place and at the time of opening. The other day we can walk around the tourist Attractions in Sentani and Jayapura.

Besides watching the Lake Sentani Festival Also when here we have to explore the Lake Sentani itself, Because this lake has a lot of nice spots and objects. Lake Sentani is the Reviews largest lake in Papua province, with an area of ​​approximately 9.360 hectares and is located at an altitude of 75 m above sea level. When viewed from the water,

Lake Sentani looks like a giant green water pools surrounded by hills. If the shape is Generally are relatively circular lake, Lake Sentani slightly different form. The lake is actually snaking tub-headed dragon in the west end and a tail at the east end. On the north side of Lake Sentani are Cyclops Mountains with abundant water. Spring water that forms Lake Sentani.Lake Sentani keeps getting the attention of foreign tourists Because in addition to the appeal of its natural beauty Also has a unique local budayamasyarakat. Boating on this lake will be a wonderful experience. You can rent a boat motors in one of the villages. Feel the breeze caressing when driving on the lake,

 perpetuating the stilt houses, as well as get acquainted with the locals only can you get and feel in this lake. So the Lake Sentani festival is held at the Reviews largest lake in New Guinea.

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