Sunday, 16 August 2015

some beaches in the world who still do not you know

Navagio Beach, Yunani
Vacation to the beach would be a very pleasant tourism agenda. But today many coastal resorts that are visited by many tourists and is also not uncommon soiled by garbage. This of course can disrupt the view. Reporting from Huffingtonpost, there are some underrated beaches are no less beautiful and not yet widely known by many people. Here are some of the beach!

Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

 In Puerto Rico there is a beach called Flamenco Beach. This beach has sand beaches brown and very long. Moreover, the water is very clear and clean. There are still many tourists who do not know the charm of this beach. This beach is perfect for those who seek the beauty and comfort of relaxing on the beach.

Bonifacio, France

In France there is a beach surrounded by green hills. Bonifacio coast presents a wonderful charm. Sand beaches and crystal clear water and stunning coral reefs, is one reason Bonifacio became the beach that you must visit. You will find several yachts are anchored not far from the beach area.

Star Beach, Philippines
 Star Beach in the Philippines also presents its own exotic side. You'll find a beach sand beaches are in the water. You can see clearly underwater life without the need to use tools. Water is very clear and has not been filled with garbage and dirt. You can swim freely around the coast.

Navagio Beach, Greece 
In Greece there is a beach covered between green hills. Navagio beach is between the green hills and cliffs are also quite high. So the beach is not visible from the sea. But the scenery and charm offered Navagio beach is very fascinating with the wrecks on the beach.

Apollo Beach, Australia
 Apollo beach located in Australia has a charm that is quite unique. On this beach you can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and beautiful sea views. While at the rear there coastal savanna made the atmosphere at the beach is quite unique. For those who enjoyed the sport of surfing, the beach is not to be missed. Because the waves in the sea is very tempting.

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