Friday, 30 October 2015

Locations Visited Travel Prohibited Women

Usually tourist sites can be visited by anyone. Or if there is a ban usually reserved only for small children. So what would happen if sites should not be visited by women? There are several tourist sites that are prohibited for women with a variety of reasons. Following these sights!

Mount Omine, Japan
This mountain is the holiest in cherry country. In the area of ​​the peak of the mountain there is a temple called Omine Sanji. This temple is the center of Buddhism Sugendo. And there is usually a temple monks on a pilgrimage and meditated and practiced. Women are not allowed to go to the top and toward the temple Omine Sanji. This could make the concentration of the activities of the monks disrupted.

Mount Athos, Greece
Mount Athos, located on a peninsula Macedonia, Greece also should not be visited by women. Here are the monks who live in these places. The women are not allowed in this mountain because it could harm the spirituality of the monks. Besides the visitors is also limited. Should only be about 10 visitors from the orthodox religion and also 10 non-Orthodox visitors are allowed to enter every day. What is unique is the animal with the female gender is also not allowed in.

Mosque Haji Ali Dargah, India
Haji Ali Dargah mosque in India has a view and a very unique design. The mosque is located in the middle of the ocean with a beautiful white domination. In this mosque there is a mausoleum that Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. The tomb is very sacred. So that women are not allowed to enter the area of ​​the mosque.

Galaxy Water Park, Germany
What would happen if a largest water park should not be visited by women. This happens in the Galaxy Water Park. Europe's largest water park has a very extreme rides are X-treme Faster Slide at speeds reaching 100 km / h. This vehicle should not be used by women. This is due to a woman who suffered the injury in vital areas. So it is not permissible for women.

Restaurants and stadium in Arabic
In Arabic it is definitely not allow a woman to visit unaccompanied by men. Similarly, when entered into the restaurant. Restaurant owners enforce it in order to avoid sexual harassment. The government has also prohibit women to visit the stadium. If you dare to visit the stadium, ready to deal with the police

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