Friday, 30 October 2015

Niagara Gorge Pulosari Display Bantul Yogyakarta

Niagara Gorge Pulosari
Air Travel pulosari ravine located in the tourist village Krebet Sendangsari, displays, Bantul. Water attractions this one is still very beautiful, comfortable, cool for the tourists who want to visit. Still very clean location, not too many visitors. Very suitable for who want to enjoy the natural atmosphere and bathe Create cool awful anyway.
To visit the gulf this Pulosari better ride two wheels, because the location is quite steep with limestone rocks around the trip. Large vehicle or bus could not get to the tourist areas because terrain is quite difficult to be reached Kedung pulosari gorge between two hills are still green and have not been exploited to the maximum.
From the parking location pal must walk approximately 15 minutes to reach the location, fitting the coming anyway good sob, down, well the return should rise as rock climbing.

 In the tourist area can also be done several sporting activities such adrenaline physically challenging climbing 
and go down the cliff (repling) for this area is usually located on the west waterfall or precisely located in the hills. In addition to the physical exercise can also be done the other tourist activities that outbong using water media.

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