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10 Attractions Mandatory visited while in jogjakarta

tugu yogyakarta
Yogyakarta, besides being a destination of students continue their studies, jogja also become a tourist destination for the traveler. For you who are already long in jogja may already not familiar with a variety of attractions on offer this warm city. Yogyakarta city has various types of tours that you can enjoy, from the most famous beach resort, then cultural tours, culinary tours and much more.

For you who are new to set foot in Yogyakarta, do not settle for it if only silence in boarding houses or rented. Usually people will be around to know the ins and outs of the road or any attractions that can be explored in a new place. So I will give you the sights that you shall visit as an introduction for the first time you set foot in Yogyakarta.

1. 0 kilometer Yogyakarta

Region 0 km is located in the region malioboro region, many people who have the answers regarding exactly 0 km's. 0 km point is a point that is to be the benchmark for determining the distance between the regions of Yogyakarta with other cities that are outside Yogyakarta. 0 point is more fun to be enjoyed when the afternoon or evening, because as a gathering place for young couple. A place to spend time with friends. friends, family and others.

Although many answers regarding exactly 0 km This is because there are several answers will you get when you will be asked about the 0 km of this is, that some say was in the palace, gradually north plaza and some are answered between two trees Banyan which is in the middle.

But basically from most of the answers, when you are going to 0 km, most people will direct you to the intersection of Bank Indonesia Malioboro because first personal experience when invited to a friend. Because there is also the center where people gather, young and old, children and adults.

2. Tugu Yogyakarta
tugu Yogyakarta
 Yogyakarta monument is a symbol of the city of Yogya, so no wonder this monument jogja become its own power for the first time to Yogyakarta. as well as point 0 km, Tugu Yogyakarta is cool to visit when evening arrived until midnight, because until midnight was the object of this one remains filled by visitors.

In this monument you can take pictures with your friends, but if you want more secure or not too crowded, you can come here at midnight or Area at 12. Because the atmosphere is a bit quiet and passing vehicles has also been reduced. Many people think, if you have not been photographed at the monument yogya means you have not been to the hmmm yogya until.?

3. Malioboro
 Yes shopping in malioboro, its batik of different shapes, sizes and motifs, in malioboro you can channel your shopping desires because here the price of cheap-cheap clothes, and can bargain. I'll share a few tips on how to bargain in malioboro, if you could be the Java language was better because they will be more care with you than if you bargain using Indonesian.
Tips secondly, if you can not use the Java language, or you are from outside of Java. For example the price offered 50k then you bargain them directly to half the price. hahahha and proven and tested by myself.

In malioboro you can not only shopping because now there is a place for you who want to once a culinary tour even though the place is still not massive yes. But lo passable, not make you confused still looking for a place to eat runs around shopping. If you want to feel the sensation of spicy stir-stir fireworks, you stay a little bit down the road Jln. KH Dahlan No. 130 Yogyakarta.

4. North Square

 When finished shopping and was crammed in malioboro you can walk to the square north of the road malioboro if you stay straight south until  southern square. On the square south you can do a little game to pass two banyan tree in advance you will play a few times by your friends with a close eye.Not many people can pass through two banyan tree, there is a myth circulating in the community that, if you made it through both the banyan tree, then you can request granted, whether true or not but you can try and prove yourself.

5. South Square 

Once you play in the north of the square, it feels incomplete if you missed serung fun cycling in the square south. On the square south offers attractions that are not less thrill with in the north of the square. On the square south you can enjoy a bike that has been modified in such an extent, there is in the form of cars, bicycles with 4 people who can pedal and many more kinds. In the middle of pedaling a bicycle, you will be accompanied by music that you can set yourself, pounding music plus flickering flashing bike makes Susana becomes more enjoyable.

Bike rental costs one lap around 30,000 if two rounds will be in wear rates of 50,000. You can choose the type of bike that you are interested in, because a lot of bicycles that provide services to various types of modifications. calls in the square south do not feel if it was late.
6. Plengkung Ivory 

Plengkung Ivory is the entrance to the fortress palace of Yogyakarta shaped semicircular arch. This building is one of five that plengkung used as entry into the territory of the palace of Yogyakarta. Ivory Plengkung gets very crowded at night commonly used by young couples to spend the night there weekly. Plengkung ivory has a length of approximately 1km. The entrance fee to Plengkung ivory only 3000 rupiah. You can down plengkung this ivory from the north end to the south.

7. Taman Sari
Taman sari is the former palace gardens of the palace of Yogyakarta. This park was built in 1758-1769 by the lane I. The park has an area of ​​more than 10ha with a lot of building 57 in the form of buildings, swimming baths, hanging bridges, water canals, and artificial lakes along the artificial island and underwater corridor.

Taman sari is very beautiful and is often used by some people as a place to take pictures prawedding. Tourism in the garden sari not only enjoy its beauty alone but you can know the history in it. Objects that become the most powerful appeal in this sari park pond because the water is clean and the pool was used by the sultan and his family to have fun.

The back of the Castle are unique villages, including the village park, village batik and cyber village. In these villages also presents a variety of unique that you can ekspolre. Cyber ​​village ever visit by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that on October 12, 2014. You are attracted to the park to play with a variety of unique sari?

8. Sultan Palace
Kraton Yogyakarta travel is something that should not be forgotten, it's useless if you just explored the coast, the mountains, the market that has not been explored palace. Palace tour is included cultural tourism because there you will know the history of the struggle of the king's palace of Yogyakarta and Yogyakarta in seizing the Homeland. In the palace many collections have saved a lot of kings and various gifts from the kings of Europe.

Yogyakarta Palace originated from since the 15th century, namely the Sultanate of Yogyakarta begun in 1558 BC where Ki Ageng Pemanahan rewarded by Sultan Pajang a region in Mataram because of his services to help Pajang beat Aryo Penangsang. Ki Ageng Pemanahan is the son of Ki Ageng Ngenis and grandson of Ki Ageng Selo, a cleric of Selo, Grobogan.

9. Parangtritis
After bored traveled in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, it's time you relax on the beach. The most famous beach in Yogya is parangtritis coast where the beach would be very crowded in the visit every New Year's Eve and will feel the mystical night of the Shura.
Beautiful beaches make visitors comfortable to linger to spend time here. The right time to enjoy the beach this is an afternoon or morning. Not only dancing for its beautiful beaches, but the beach there are also dunes and vast sand. Parangtritis beach complex consists of parantritis Beach, Parangkusumo and Gembirowati plateau.

10. Culinary Tour in Depok Beach 

Having tired playing on the beach is not lengap taste if not enjoy seafoodnya refined, processed seafood famous around parangtritis beach is the beach depok. Depok very famous beach once with seafoodnya processed and often nicknamed sea culinary tourism in Yogyakarta. before you eat there, you advance to buy fish at the fish market near its shores. There you can choose different types of fish, after that you go to one shop for you to cook. Disamakin you calm really. Interested? Immediately wrote to the beach depok.

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