Tuesday, 4 July 2017

4 tourist destinations in Indonesia such as Heaven

Giliyang Island
Talking about the natural beauty in Indonesia is actually endless, because in Indonesia a lot of natural attractions that have beautiful natural scenery and always amazing many people who visit it. Even many also in Indonesia who have natural attractions that have not been touched by many people. Maybe nature lovers or people who like to travel indonesia alone have come to him. And these places are often called hidden paradises in Indonesia. This is because the scenery in the show by nature tour is very beautiful, maybe even you will not be able to find in other places. This hidden paradise in Indonesia is usually not in people's favors because the route is very steep, or access road to the place that still can not be in by road or air. If you are curious, whichever hideaway paradise belongs to Indonesia. Below will be mentioned 4 tourist destinations in Indonesia such as Heaven.

1. Gong Cave 

This is the most beautiful cave in Southeast Asia. Still few local and foreign tourists who know the hidden paradise of East Java. It is located in Pacitan, and access roads to the cave is still inadequate to make Gong Gong is not much in the know people. But if you know about the beauty of this one Goa. It is ascertained if you will be amazed. This cave has stalactids and also stalagmites are beautiful and natural. Even the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites are able to amaze you. It takes about 2 hours to walk through this most beautiful tourist spot of Indonesia.

2. Tureloto Nias 
Many say this is the Dead beach which became a hidden paradise in Indonesia. Tureloto beach is a beach with a clear blue sea water view and directly opposite the Indian Ocean. Located from Tureloto beach is located in Lahewa, North Nias North Sumatra Province which has travel time about 2 hours from downtown. To reach this place is not easy, but the natural beauty that is served no need to ask again. And its unique even though the beach is facing the Indian Ocean but does not have big waves, and that is what makes the hidden paradise in Nias is called the dead beach.

3. Rammang-rammang Maros
 This is a hidden paradise in Indonesia that has a unique phenomenon and is the only one in Indonesia that is a limestone mountain where plants can flourish on its rocks. And you need to know also mountains that you can enjoy in Rammang-rammang Maros This is the third largest limestone mountain in the world after South China and Vietnam. For those of you who are looking for calm is perfect with the atmosphere and also the calm scenery in Rammang-rammang Maros South Sulawesi. Because of the difficult road access to make this place in South Sulawesi is a natural tourist attractions in Indonesia are rarely visited.

4. The hidden paradise of Giliyang Island
 Another hidden paradise in Sumenep, East Java is Giliyang Island. Has a fine stretch of white sand and clean and flourishing plants, making tourists can feel the freshness there. And unique from Giliyang Island this is as a paradise of oxygen. Why is it so named because the average amount of oxygen present in Giliyang Island is above the normal range of about 3.3 to 4.8 percent. Even that much oxygen can not be found elsewhere.Those are the 4 hidden paradises in Indonesia, with beautiful scenery and unique uniqueness. If you are already adventurous it should be if you also visit the hidden paradise.

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