Thursday, 6 July 2017

How to Take Care of Prambanan Temple?

prambanan temple
Prambanan Temple is one of the Hindu relics in Yogyakarta, visited by the President of the United States 44, Barack Obama. The magnificence of the temple that makes this stunned Obama, must be routinely cleaned in order to maintain its integrity. Then how to clean Prambanan Temple?

Slamet, Prambanan Temple Practitioner, told how to clean Prambanan Temple to be maintained. The man who has been dutiful for 26 years is revealed, a tool to clean the temple that can be used only a broom stick. Of course this process is routinely done, so that all guests including Obama 'The Menteng Children' can enjoy it freely.

"Broom sticks are used to clean the moss on the sidelines of carving, so that the carving does not change from the original form. To clean the roof also use a broom stick, no other tools. "Slamet said.

Moss that became the main enemy in Prambanan temple, grow faster in the rainy season. This is very wary of the temple maintainer, because the growth of mosses can damage the structure of the temple building, and change the shape of the relief that has been carved centuries ago. If allowed to continue to grow, moss can later be a temple rock.

"If you use a sharp object, will be able to scratch the stone, meaning the stone can be dredged. If it is dredged and eroded it will cause damage to the stone. So only broom lid only used to clean the temple, "said Slamet.

Slamet revealed, the broom will be used to clean the plants that exist in the temple. Both moss-shaped and water plants, which grow on the sidelines of the rock. Not only in the basement, the temple keeper team must also climb the roof to clean the moss. They can climb the temple with a height of 24 to 47 meters.

"The rainy season climbing up the temple is quite slippery, for that we use safety equipment. When it is noon at 10 o'clock to the top, the stone is hot and we have to go down "said slamet.

Of course the work to clean the temple is a remarkable thing, because in addition to maintaining the wonders of the world, maintaining Prambanan Temple also helps the next generation. Not only Obama who can visit, but the entire community can learn the richness of culture in Indonesia until the next century.

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