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Watch out! Do not Holiday with Girlfriend to 7 Places Here!

traveling in coban rondo malang
The streets do always make the heart happy, especially if the departure with boyfriend. Your memory is getting more and more. Every time to see a good tourist spot on TV or the internet, must immediately invite his girlfriend to get there. but must be picky place, not all tourist attractions suitable for lovers couple. Instead of a wrong destination, check first 7 places that danger visited with my girlfriend!

1. Bogor Botanical Garden
Lots of trees, cool, and cheap. It's really a place to be youthful? Here are also many street vendors that can be where you eat a plate together.

Though it sounds fun, it's better to find another place, than here. Already many people admitted they broke up with boyfriend because of visiting Bogor Botanical Garden. He said if crossing the red bridge here can return to the status of singles in the near future.

2. Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta

Temple complex that is popular among tourists should be visited with family or friends only. Avoid going with your boyfriend, boyfriend, or friend but like you. Why, why? It's all because of Roro Jonggrang's famous legend.

Know, right if this one daughter asked to make a thousand temples as a condition for Bandung Bondowoso to woo him? Since Bandung Bondowoso finally failed, he finally cursed the princess. Maybe so emotionally, this temple also joined him cursed until finally believed could damage the relationship of lovers couple who come here.

3. Baturaden
Tourist attractions located on the slopes of Mount Slamet, Central Java, this is beautiful but should be shunned the couple. Not just haunted by ghost stories, but also haunted for couples.

According to local people's story, there used to be a bupati (Raden) kid who was caught in a forbidden relationship with a subsidiary (Batur). They both end up having to end this different social class love affair in the middle of the forest. Oh, but love is not just treasure and throne, yes.

4. Coban Rondo
The story behind the myth of tourist attractions in Malang is sad. There used to be a daughter named Dewi Anjarwati who married Raden Baron Kusumo. Not even 40 days of marriage, they are desperate to go to Mount Anjasmoro even though Anjarwati's parents have been banned. In the middle of the road, they intercepted Joko Lelono who fell in love with Anjarwati.

Raden Baron Kusumo who must fight to protect Dewi Anjarwati told his wife to wait for him on the big rock under the waterfall. Unfortunately, he did not return because he died during the fight. Dewi Anjarwati eventually had to become a rondo (widow in Javanese) who kept waiting for her husband's return in the waterfall.

5. Love Ramp
Given the name of the love climb because there was a fiancé couple who passed this place together. The guy got to the top, while the exhausted girl finally rolled over and died. Sad, yes.

Now, the climb is on Mount Semeru, precisely in the western part of Ranu Kumbolo this, so a place that can make lovers couple hope-please anxious. You see, lasting or broken depending on the business of couples who pass here! If you want to be lasting, as long as this pass is not allowed to look back and stop in the middle of the road. But if you fail, get ready to say goodbye lover.

6. Tanah Lot, Bali
Beautiful temple is so icon of Bali is said to be guarded a sacred snake that can grant the request of visitors who pray there. But, apparently this does not apply to you who go here with a girlfriend.

Do not pray for lasting relationships, those who bring a partner even banned here and meet the snake because it can make the relationship aground. What a shame, yes. Though really good if you can enjoy the sunset at this temple with two girlfriends.

7. Kemaro Island, Palembang, South Sumatra
There is a different country love story that ends tragically here. There used to be a Chinese prince named Tan Bun Ann who wanted to marry Princess Palembang named Siti Fatimah. He must bring 9 gold jars as a condition to woo. The Prince's family immediately sent 9 gold jars covered in mustard greens to avoid pirates. When he saw the jars, the Prince was mistaken to throw the jars into the river. He just realized there really gold after remaining 1 last jar.

Embarrassed by his carelessness, he plunged into the river. Siti Fatimah who is not willing to lose directly jump into the river. They finally died together. Well, now understand, dong why this place is considered to bring bad influence for lovers couple?

Now want to vacation where you’re up to you, it's all a myth or a fact, see for yourself.

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