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What are the interesting tourist destinations on the island of bintan (indonesia)?

Tourist destinations on the island bintan
Tourist destinations on the island bintan
Bintan island has many interesting tourist spots to visit. Especially its natural beauty.
Here are some places that we recommend when you visit the island bintan in Indonesia:

Trikora Beach
Not much different from Lagoi, Trikora Beach is also beautiful and spoil the eye. Large rocks on the shoreline and jutting into the sea make the scenery look more beautiful. But Trikora Beach is a favorite beach of locals and travelers from other regions. Trikora Beach is located in Malang Village Meeting, Gunung Kijang District, Bintan Island. The distance is approximately 45 kilometers from Tanjungpinang. If visiting with family, you can rent a cottage that is on the beach.

Lagoi is the most popular tourist spot in Bintan. The beach is filled with palm trees and white sand. Coupled with the color of the blue waters as clear, this beach is a favorite for tourists from Singapore and Malaysia.

Lagoi is filled with luxury resorts that can spoil your holiday. Some of the activities you can do here are snorkeling, diving, and exploring its natural beauty such as mangrove forests. From Bintan city center to Lagoi, it takes about 37 minutes.

Bukit Pasir Busung
One place that was hits in Instagram is Bukit Pasir Busung. This is a sand dunes created from the former bauxite mining on Jalan Raya Busung. Usually travelers who visit here will not miss the moment by taking pictures and take it from various angles to make it look interesting. The hills with such reliefs make the white dunes look more dramatic. You can reach it by driving a vehicle as far as 47 kilometers from Tanjungpinang.

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