Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Amazing! New Underwater Paradise is on Dodola Island

dodola island
World War II has indeed passed. However, the story and evidence of dark history can still be felt to this day. Yes, one of the locations or silent witnesses of the war resides in the Eastern Region of Indonesia, Morotai Island.

At that time, Morotai became a US military base led by enderal Douglas MacArthur. The island is located in North Maluku has ever had seven US runway aircraft.

The war was over. The war won by the United States is now a tourist destination to see the other side of Morotai Island.

To commemorate Morotai Island as a silent witness to the atrocities of World War II, a mini museum was created in the region. A container for bullets, weapons and remnants of World War II is there. The existence of the museum can be the attraction of foreign tourists or local to see the rest of war.

Not just the rest of the war is scary. Morotai Island has underwater paradise that is not inferior to other destinations, such as Bali or Raja Ampat.

Call it Dodola Island. There are 13 great underwater dots to explore. Well this island is perfect for you lovers of diving and snorkeling. Because the biota laud a coral reef there is very beautiful.

Not to mention the ships that sank under the sea and became coral reefs. The impression of amazement enveloped someone who was diving in the area.

Dodola Island also has its white sand beaches and crystal clear sea water. Of course it is a valuable asset that must be preserved and preserved.

Please note, Dodola Island is divided into two, namely large and small Dodola. Big Dodola Island is characterized by a wooden dock that jutted into the sea. Large and small dodola are separated by sea water during tides.

But at low tide, beach sand seems to be a bridge that connects the two.av

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