Tuesday, 8 July 2014

4 Family Travel Places In Singapore

Singapore Flyer
Singapore has become one of the main destinations of foreign tourists, because, in Singapore offers various facilities such as access to transport and also offers family entertainment venues in Singapore, Among the sights that you should visit with family, among others: 

1. The Universal Studios Singapore 

Very famous amusement park in Universal Studios Singapore is, when you come to visit here, you and your family are guaranteed not to be disappointed, this is because many places offer rides and entertainment for the family and also a great tourist spot in Singapore. 

Special rides are offered here not only for the children, there was a place that is not recommended for children due to existing safety regulations regarding height. Even so there are many more attractive offers regarding entertainment area suitable for children.

2. Night Safari 

In family tourist attractions in Singapore is a zoo that you can visit at night, this would be an attraction itself, because it offers a fairly unique time. Interestingly zoo in which has 40 acres of dense forest, home to 130 species of animals and animal population reached 1000 tails even growing every year, which makes this tourist spot visited by many tourists. 

3. Singapore Flyer 

In the family-friendly Singapore is a very attractive tourist place, because this is a tourist place to enjoy the Ferris wheel offers the highest in the world, while offering very attractive when you are in the top position, you can see all over Singapore even you can see most regions of Malaysia and Indonesia. 

4. The Marina Bay Sands Skypark 

Is one of the tourist attractions of the boardwalk which is a glass fence, where visitors can enjoy the view state of Singapore from 56th floor height. 

While you're here you can also enjoy some of the dishes available from a variety of restaurants that are here, the restaurant offers upscale. Family tourist attractions in Singapore is certainly very suitable for you gather with your family while enjoying the food and also the beautiful country of Singapore.

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