Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Amazing! New Underwater Paradise is on Dodola Island

dodola island
World War II has indeed passed. However, the story and evidence of dark history can still be felt to this day. Yes, one of the locations or silent witnesses of the war resides in the Eastern Region of Indonesia, Morotai Island.

At that time, Morotai became a US military base led by enderal Douglas MacArthur. The island is located in North Maluku has ever had seven US runway aircraft.

The war was over. The war won by the United States is now a tourist destination to see the other side of Morotai Island.

Some great travel ideas with your loved ones

bali butterfly garden
Traveling together with the people you care about is exciting. Moreover, you can see the personality of your real partner after you spend time alone with travel ideas. Not only that, after you have made it through all the difficulties facing you during your traveling, the bonds that exist between you will also be stronger.

So, what kind of trip can you do together with your lover? Take advantage of these exciting, romantic, and memorable travel ideas to make your boyfriend more loving.

1. Clutch with colorful butterflies at Bali Butterfly Garden.

Watch out! Do not Holiday with Girlfriend to 7 Places Here!

traveling in coban rondo malang
The streets do always make the heart happy, especially if the departure with boyfriend. Your memory is getting more and more. Every time to see a good tourist spot on TV or the internet, must immediately invite his girlfriend to get there. but must be picky place, not all tourist attractions suitable for lovers couple. Instead of a wrong destination, check first 7 places that danger visited with my girlfriend!

1. Bogor Botanical Garden
Lots of trees, cool, and cheap. It's really a place to be youthful? Here are also many street vendors that can be where you eat a plate together.

Though it sounds fun, it's better to find another place, than here. Already many people admitted they broke up with boyfriend because of visiting Bogor Botanical Garden. He said if crossing the red bridge here can return to the status of singles in the near future.

2. Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta

Monday, 24 July 2017

Amazing! Cruise Ships Contains 60 Thousand World Travelers Explore Indonesia

Princess Cruises
Princess Cruises
The charm of Indonesia is no doubt. In fact, one of the islands owned by Indonesia, namely Bali is very global. This is certainly not left alone by the entrepreneurs engaged in tourism.

One that utilizes the beauty of Indonesia is Princess Cruises, which is a leading luxury cruise ship company in the world. There will be more than 60 thousand foreign tourists brought to enjoy the charm of Indonesian culture.
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