Monday, 24 July 2017

Amazing! Cruise Ships Contains 60 Thousand World Travelers Explore Indonesia

Princess Cruises
Princess Cruises
The charm of Indonesia is no doubt. In fact, one of the islands owned by Indonesia, namely Bali is very global. This is certainly not left alone by the entrepreneurs engaged in tourism.

One that utilizes the beauty of Indonesia is Princess Cruises, which is a leading luxury cruise ship company in the world. There will be more than 60 thousand foreign tourists brought to enjoy the charm of Indonesian culture.

Princess Cruises plans to travel to Indonesia, and do some stops, such as in Bali Island, Lombok Island, Komodo Island, Makassar precisely Ujung Panjang, Semarang City, and Probolinggo, East Java. Bali becomes the first stop when Princess cruises arrive in Indonesia, as Bali has become the most popular destination with 20 visits to Princess Cruises.

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"Princess Cruises remains committed to continuously improve marine tourism in Indonesia by preparing five cruise ships with 26 shipping plans and a visit to the Indonesian port. The five cruise ships, among others, Sapphire Princess, Diamond Princess, Golden Princess, Golden Princess, Sun Princess, and Sea Princess, "said Farriek Tawfik, Director of Asia Tenggarea Region, Princess Cruises, on Thursday (20/7/2017) Alomond Zucchini Cooking Studio, South Jakarta.

Holidays with a cruise ship that can provide a different sensation for tourists, it can stimulate the growth of tourism in Indonesia, as said by Farriek.

"Cruise tourism has opened up a great opportunity for local and foreign tourists to explore the various nautical charms of the archipelago, and encourage the growth of tourism in Indonesia," said Farriek.

Princess Cruise ship will be going along the waters and some islands in Indonesia approximately nine to 21 days. The five-star luxury vessel will start sailing from Singapore in November 2017 until March 2018.

One of the islands to be visited and so the cruise ships are Princess Komodo Island. Komodo Island is already famous to all corners of the world its beauty cannot be denied anymore. Unique, however, a question arises.

How can a big ship can dock on Komodo Island? The question arises because in Komodo Island there is no port. So make the ship must 'park' in the ocean and passengers must ride a small boat first to get to the island inhabited by exotic animals exotic, dragons.

"On the island of Komodo, the ship stopped in the ocean, then the passenger went on a small boat to get to the island. This is something new and exciting to do. With the visit of cruise tours in Indonesia, there will be many areas in the country that can be promoted, "added Farriek.

In addition to promoting tourist areas in Indonesia, the existence of Princess Cruises cruises can bring many benefits to the State of Indonesia, such as increased revenue due to the arrival of tourists, can improve the welfare of the population whose area visited, and the name of Indonesia will be better known by world people

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