Tuesday, 8 July 2014

some Unique Vacation Spots in Indonesia

Ocean Karimun Jawa
Already there are plans for a vacation to an exotic place, out of town or just a walk around town? You may feel tired incredible, just go to the place that's it. What if try our selection of vacation spots. Spot a unique, refreshing and most importantly is soothing body and soul. For refreshing after a long move. 

Here is a unique spot: 

1. Snorkeling fun in Ocean Karimun Jawa 

Karimun Jawa including a hidden paradise which is located about 80 km from the town of Jepara. An archipelago with 27 islands, but only 5 are inhabited. In each island there is a spot of diving is assured beauty with 353 species of fish in the tropical sea. With the homestay facilities and snorkel gear rental, Karimun Jawa demand more and more local and foreign tourists. Remarkably, Karimun Jawa not only has beautiful beaches but also bring another form of travel is hiking in the hills of Mount Elephant row. The place is quite challenging with the highest peak 506 meters above sea level. Amazing!!! 

2. Want Sensing Privacy Private Island 

Go to Sempu Island, Malang. It is a place that must be visited. Sempu island is a nature reserve that promises fresh air with a sensation like having a private island. One thing that should not be missed is the Segara Chicks, a sheltered lagoon on the island that has clear water with a refreshing view of the eye. Considering this place is still very natural, no wonder some wild animals such as snakes up leopard still on the island Sempu. His name is also air-adventurer, there is definitely a risk it, right. This place is suitable for those who want the freedom of pure style with a bit of a challenge hiking in wilderness areas, with a view of the super amazing for sure. 

3. Bored with Kuta Beach, Go To Shore Pandavas 

Kuta and Dreamland has become a very common attraction in Bali. Seeing the crowds on both coasts are already reducing the convenience of tourists. Bali offers another solution by introducing the Pandavas beach located in South Kuta, presents a view that is more amazing than the current Kuta. The road consists of two cliffs on either side of the road into the escort you to this place, make it look like limestone hills that split at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana, or GWK. The white sand beach is still very white Pandavas with clear water, and a bluish green color. worth a visit 

4. Wonders Another of Komodo Island 

Flores was amazing. In addition to the phenomenal lake Flores, another place, of course you recognize is Labuan Bajo. However, the purpose of which we do not mean the island of Komodo, but Sabolon Island with views that will make you amazed. Only with a motor boat for an hour from Labuan Bajo, you will arrive at a hidden paradise in the eastern part of the archipelago. However, because of the size of the island is not too large, then the lodging has not been built because of the large hill there. But, do not worry because it has started many travel agents that offer full-day travel package to the island Sabolon.

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