Sunday, 17 March 2013

Shades of Africa at the End amazing East Java

Unlike other national parks on the island of Java, which is identical to the tropical forest, an area of ​​25 000 hectares is more like a miniature of the African savanna. Being in Baluran was like being in Namibia or the Congo. Here, you can also find several species of animals that are a mainstay. There is a bull, deer, peacock and a crowd of monkeys. For the latter, you have to be careful to save your stuff if you do not want to take the monkey.

Baluran National Park provides accommodation right in front of a stretch of savanna, exactly 12 miles from the park entrance. From even this lodge you can see deer and monkey collection. The deer usually choose watching visitors from far away or hiding behind the bushes, while it is often visited Monkey around the inns either because they are attracted to food and items that brought visitors or for any other reason. However, for the bull, find it somewhat more difficult than the two other animals. The bull is a shy and rare animals in groups of more than 3 tails. In Indonesia, there are only two places where the bull develops, the glaze and the National Park Ujung Kulon national park.

In the Garden Baluran, wild real atmosphere can be felt. The phenomenon elk hunted by a group of Dhole is normal. Parties rangers usually help save deer-deer. The scenery is amazing, which you might only see on the screen you can see right here. Hundreds of deer galloping toward the pool of water, dozens of very large buffalo, a male peacock tail stretch to attract the attention of the female, as well as dozens of eagle that was feeding. You can also find the typical trees Baluran. From Baluran National Park, Mount Baluran tower looks graceful.

In the dry season where rainfall is at its lowest point, Baluran would become barren African desert. But in the rainy season, the landscape is no less interesting. Gorgeous green grass to the extent chest rise. For beach lovers, by taking just 3 km drive from the savanna area you will find a beautiful beach Bama.

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