Saturday, 22 July 2017

The reason why always want to visit the beach

who is here who will refuse if invited to go to the beach? There's a lot you can do there, from seeing the embossing and sinking of the sun to eating grilled fish. There is also the smell of salty sea water and fresh, rustling coconut leaves blown by the wind, and the pounding of the waves are soothing. And while the beauty of the mountain peak is irreplaceable, the beach offers a more accessible elegance because you will not have to do physical preparation for months.

Lucky we live in Indonesia, which has a beautiful beach spread across the region. And this is the reason why the beach always has a place in the hearts of the audience.

1. The beach is a simple and cheap way to escape from a routine that makes you tired

after a week of routine school, college, and to the office, of course you need to change the atmosphere let your life stay balanced between work and leisure. Well, traveling to the beach is one way you run away from the routine through an easy and cheap way.

You live a few hours drive to enjoy it, let alone the price of admission is also cheap, even often free-you just pay for parking. With just a few thousand dollars plus gasoline money, you can enjoy a holiday that can make your boredom disappear. Upon returning to town again, your brain is much fresher and more ready to welcome the day.

2. If you are (too) accustomed to sitting indoors, the beach gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of sun rays

one of the lifestyles of people today is too long to be in the room, so it makes us often lack of good sunlight for the body. You could have vitamin D deficiency! And Vitamin D is important to bind calcium into our bones.

Well, sunbathing on the beach in the morning is one easy and fun way to get abundant sunshine. Of course, do not forget to use sunscreen, yes, let your skin awake from the evil effects of sunlight.

3. Set foot on sand with loved ones not only romantic, but also can channel positive energy

Who refused to take a walk along the white sand beach with your girlfriend or wife while holding hands? Hmm, of course it's really romantic. But do you know if walking on the sand turned out to have more benefits than just romantic?

According to research, stepping on the sand was 1.6 to 2.5 times more energy than walking on a hard surface. Therefore, walking or jogging on the sand can help strengthen the muscles of your feet. Not only that, walking barefoot on the sand or called "earthling" can also help channel the positive energy from the earth to you. Your mood will get better and you are more relaxed.

4. Sea water is not only captivating to be seen and fun to swim, but also has a myriad health benefits

Seeing the beautiful sea level sometimes makes you hard to resist the desire to swim. No need to be rejected, anyway swimming is a lot of benefits for health, really. But, it turns out the sea water also contains a variety of minerals that are beneficial to your body. In addition to preventing infection, sea water is also beneficial for body revitalization, relaxation, to rejuvenate the skin.

So that's why until there are rituals soaking in sea water in various regions in Indonesia, many benefits, anyway! Of course, soaking in the sea water is not polluted so that the benefits are felt.

5. In contrast to swimming in an empty pool, on the beach pool you can be accompanied by beautiful coral reefs

on some unspoiled beaches and small waves, swimming in the sea through snorkeling activities to be one interesting experience of its own. In contrast to swimming in a swimming pool that is essentially empty, in the ocean you can enjoy the panorama that you will not find anywhere on the mainland: the colorful coral reefs complete with beautiful fishes its inhabitants.

6. Often, the beach does not just offer elegant natural charm, a variety of activities that encourage adrenaline can also do here

Not only a beautiful panorama, the beach you visit also not infrequently provides a variety of challenging recreation facilities such as snorkeling, banana boat,

 7. Well, where else can you enjoy fresh fish caught by fisherman if not on the beach?
If you usually eat seafood sold in supermarkets, on the beach you can enjoy fresh sea fish caught by local fishermen. Walking to the beach, do not forget to try the delicious grilled fish and various other types of seafood. Moreover, usually the price is more affordable than eating in restaurants.

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