Friday, 1 March 2013

Rafting Pekalen Probolinggo

Forget shopping at fancy stores or enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant famous. It's time you taste a satisfying tension Pekalen River. While crossing the rapids, with a loud yell as much as it is legitimate. This could be the most appropriate activities to escape from all the problems that weigh on your mind. Your adrenaline will be encouraged and admiration combined liver Probolinggo stunning natural beauty.
Pekalen River, located 25 km from the town of Probolinggo precisely lies in three districts namely sub Tiris, Maron, and Ivory. Paths that can be forded rivers within 29 km, divided into 3 areas. Pekalen streams sourced from mountain springs and mountain Lamongan Argopuro river with an average width of 5-20 meters, has a difficulty level (grade or class) 2 to 3 and a water depth of approximately 1-3 meters. Distance rafting from start to finish to paths along the River Bottom Pekalen 9 km, and 12 km for line Pekalen River rapids Top with the amount each of about 50 pieces.

The river is 12 km Pekalen Upper, Middle Pekalen River is 7 miles, and the river is 10 km Pekalen Down. For starters, you can start on the river with a difficulty level class 2 or class 3. If you feel confident with the abilities you have, healthy and hungry for a challenge then why not try the river with class 4 difficulty levels, though it has not had previous experience. That's because the tour will train you first and explain how to rescue the river and paddling techniques. As for the river with class 5, you must have experience of river rafting with class 4 levels of difficulty before.

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