Sunday, 15 March 2015

some facilities Most Not uncommon in Worldwide

Rosewood Hotel
Competition in the hospitality industry makes the hotel management around the world competing to innovate to attract guests. Starting from low prices, complete facilities to 'borrow' the popularity of celebrities to promote their hotels. However, some hotel facilities are summarized CNN Travel will make luxury amenities you've ever seen (private swimming pool, computerized devices and smart TV in the hotel room) becomes meaningless.

1. Option 20 Guitar Fender (Hard Rock Hotel, Chicago)
Want to experience a rock star overnight? Just try to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, where guests can choose one of 20 Fender for jamming in the hotel room. Not only guitar you know, the hotel also provides a floor amp and headphones so that you can fun jamming without making noise throughout the hotel. Although this facility is free and there is no expiry date, guests must submit a credit card deposit to the front desk every borrowed guitar (just in case anyone knows a really acting like a rock star and mimic the action of tossing guitar like Pete Townshend of The Who) .

2. Butler Perfume (Rosewood Hotel) 
Forgot your mainstay perfume pack? Or always made you dizzy every time abroad because you have to make sure the contents of your perfume bottle not more than 100 millimeters? If you visit Rosewood, you no longer need to carry perfume. Because at this hotel, a white-gloved butler will bring 10 perfume (5 women and 5 perfume perfume men) daily to your room. Enough to tell the front desk every time you need a perfume, and the butler will soon come knocking on the door. 'Menu' perfume on each property Rosewood Hotel (New York, Atlanta, Vancouver, Menlo Park, Jeddah and Riyadh) is different. Starting from Hermes, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Chanel and so on. 
3. Tattoo Artist (Hotel Erwin, Venice Beach, California) 
Hotel Erwin chic and boho offers professional tattoo artist for their guests. Ink and Stay Package will give a $ 100 voucher to be used in places where tattoos are scattered along Venice Beach, lotion bottles, bags of ice and a bottle of tequila. Do not want to make a permanent tattoo? Relax, Hotel Erwin also provide temporary tattoos at the bedside of each room.
4. 'Abduction' followed by Luxury Picnic (Namale Resort & Spa, Fiji)
 Couples who stay at Namale Resort & Spa will get a 'turn' kidnapped to be brought to a surprise picnic in an area covering 212 acres of hotel property. Sometimes picnic carried out near the waterfall, time time in the cave, or in a private deck overlooking the Koro Sea. Relax, this kidnapping did not involve a weapon. Instead, guests will be given a 4-course meal for a picnic. Yumm!

5. Chocolate Room (Soneva Kiri, Thailand) 
Ever dreamed of visiting Willy Wonka's chocolate factory? Resort Soneva Kiri in Thailand offers something that is no less spectacular, the chocolate room. Here, guests can sample a variety of chocolate in various forms. Start of mousse, fondue, brioche until latte. All chocolate dish is presented and supervised by a team of chefs dessert from various countries.

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