Sunday, 15 March 2015

5 Tips on Traveling Guide

travel guide
hear the word free is always interesting. However, before traveled free, consider first some tips. These tips will be useful to you someday. here's 5 tips for your free traveled.

1. Seek Information 
Information about free travel should be looking far-away days before deciding to go traveling. Search whether or not the free travel information from the institution or agency authorized tourism. Also check the validity of the information is from a traveler who never went to the destination before. Do not until after you come to a place that is, a sense of disappointment that arises because you are required to pay a sum of money.  

2. Check Schedule 
 Make sure you are on the right day and time for free traveled yes. Sometimes, free travel is only valid on certain days and times. Free special hours for example, only lasted a few hours in the morning or afternoon. It is necessary to consider to avoid the risk of coming at the wrong time or late for that destination. You will bite the finger that missed the free tour.  

3. Find the Festival 
Three tips you need to do is find a festival held at the destination. Usually at the festival there is something that can be tried or seen, for example, films, food and many others. All that you can get for free. Stay clever-clever you are looking for information about the festival that match your interests. Can film festival, or culinary, determine your own.

 4. Be reasonable course 
When are enjoying free, whether it's food or a sightseeing tour, remember the following tips. Do not go crazy and be reasonable. You have to remember also the norms of courtesy towards others. Keep your courtesy, the host will undoubtedly put respect for you. It is not possible at other times, you will be able to free again is not it? Therefore, respect everyone you meet.

5. Invite your friends 
Last tips of course invite friends! Holidays will be less exciting when alone, especially if free, you can do various things better if with friends. You can also take advantage of the moment with friends to take pictures with. In addition, you can also share the joy with friends with a free tour with them.


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