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Until now, Bali is still the one of the favorite holiday destination, especially for the people of Indonesia. But if you have to commute vacation in Bali, one day definitely going to be bored as well dong, Aladiners? Well, if you've so, you can also really melipir to the neighboring city, Banyuwangi. What the hell do you know the tourist attractions in Banyuwangi? Kawah Ijen, Baluran National Park, continue? Banyuwangi had a lot of really, you know where nature is no less cool than Bali. Moreover, because the number of travelers there are not as many as Bali, here you can be enjoying the holiday. Come, join Mister Aladdin streets to cool places in Banyuwangi below!

1. Red Island Beach
Red island

Kuta Beach? Not! This beach Red Island in the south of Banyuwangi. Is about 2 to 3 hours from the city center, here you can enjoy the atmosphere of the beautiful beaches, especially during sunrise and sunset. Soft sand beaches and small grain, suitable for use as a place to play beach volleyball or even football.

The waves can also be as high as 2 meters, you know. So since the year 2013, the annual international surfing competition held in Red Island Beach. For you who are just learning or want to start learning a new can, why try surfing here. Previously, this beach is called by the name of Pitu Ringin Beach. But the name was changed to make it more easily called and match with the circumstances surrounding the beach where there are green hills with red soil.

2. Alas Purwo National Park
Alas Purwo

Want to see the forest with lush green trees, savannah, and the white sandy beaches are beautiful in one place? Stop by, dong to the National Park Alas Purwo! Still next door to the Alas Purwo National Park, nature reserve area is also not less interesting, Aladiners. She's supposed to, Alas Purwo also be wrong places frequented by people who want to get magic, you know.

In addition to jungle trekking, you can also visit the caves that exist here, such as Princess Cave, Cave Palace, and Cave Tigers were once used as the place was once imprisoned by President Soekarno. Here too there are the ruins of the kingdom of Majapahit which is now used as Pura Giri Selaka by the local community. Want to see the turtle? You can go to the beach Trianggulasi which is spawning grounds for four species of sea turtles; leatherback, hawksbill, turtle gray, and green turtles.

3. Beach Plengkung
Beach Plengkung

Beach Plengkung name may not hear much. But for the international surfers, this place has been known as one of the 7 best surfing locations in the world, Aladiners! Located in the National Park Alas Purwo, Plengkung also known as G-land. Why G-land? You look at the shape of the island below.

Wave height Plengkung Coast can reach 8 meters with a length of up to 2 kilometers, you know! In addition to the beach Plengkung, said waves as high as it could only be found in Hawaii and South Africa. Not only the beauty of the waves and beaches only, Aladiners that make this place frequented. Silent atmosphere, surrounded by dense woods a cool also be a special attraction.

4. Blue bay
If Green Bay is known for its beautiful scenery is very beautiful beaches, Gulf Blue shall you go for the beauty of life under water. Still inside the National Park Alas Purwo, Senggrong or blue bay has become one of the favorite destinations for snorkeling for the surrounding community.

Clear blue waters and natural reefs that are still very maintained continuity going, is cool, if immortalized in the photograph. Aladiners who want to make here, you can rent a boat from Muncar with prices ranging from Rp300,000 to Rp500,000, depending on how you are good at bargaining. Most okay, anyway if you're here from the night, so I can enjoy the sunrise directly from the sea.

5. Meru National Park Betiri
If the National Park Alas Purwo probably already know quite a lot, but if Betiri Meru National Park? This nature reserve area said last natural habitat of Java tiger you know, Aladiners. Here, you can enjoy a cool, green forest and met with some animals, such as monkeys, jungle cats, deer, leopards, until peacock.

In addition, there are also some beautiful beaches so popular destinations here, as Rajag Wesi and Sukamade which is a breeding turtles. Meru Betiri name itself is taken from the two mountains that is in this national park, Aladiners, namely Mount Meru and Mount Betiri.

6. Green Bay
Still in Meru National Park neighborhood Betiri, Green Bay still less popular when compared with Rajeg Beach Wesi and Sukamade. But the beauty of white sandy beaches and clear green watery This will remind you at the beaches in Bali and Lombok!

Continue about why, yes although very beautiful, but the beach is still rarely visited? This is most likely because access is difficult to pass.

7. Kalibaru
Those who would like to Nature and foliage, must really, ya come to Kalibaru. The place is also ideal for people who like trekking and hiking because of Kalibaru surrounded by mountains, such as Mount Gending, Mount eggplant, Mt roar, Mount gumitir, and Mount Menyan.

Located at an altitude of 428 meters above sea level, but can enjoy the atmosphere of the forest green, the air here is also really cool, you know. Moreover, you can also play water at some waterfalls that exist here. So after tired of sightseeing, can go straight into the water and play water. There is also a railway tunnel linking Merawan Dutch heritage Banyuwangi to Jember. Here you can try to catch the train truck, you know.

8. Region Agro Kalibendo
Like tea or coffee? Do not just out drinking alone, dong. The Kalibendo, you can learn how to garden and make tea, coffee, and cloves directly from farmers. Robusta coffee quality is number one here in Indonesia, you know, Aladiners. You can also try to get a delicious coffee civet whose name is already well known in foreign countries. Located at the foot of Mount Ijen, nature tourism is really fit for who would try to cycle around the estate and traditional countryside.

And not only that, you know. Surrounded by lush green forest, you can play water in the pond waterfall really clear! Anyway forest green and natural atmosphere no less, compared to Ubud. The location was relatively easy from downtown Banyuwangi. Only about 30 minutes, you just follow the road to the crater.

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