Thursday, 20 August 2015

Travel Destinations Malang, Indonesia

Balekambang Beach
Malang, a town small but cool and makes them long, let alone her girls make how so hahahha

Ok skip, I personally have 2 times to Malang and still want to return again because still not satisfied and explore more. Malang and around it is known as the City Tour. Moreover, if you get into the area of ​​Batu. That stone ya name of the city, a City Tour in Malang.

Call it the Stone Town Square, the main square of its course has become a tourist icon, not a complete reply to Batu but not here. Then there were more hits Transportation Museum, freight yes not Angkot, museum themed all transport vehicles that never existed from ancient times to the present. Names such as Mercedes-Benz Cars to Train Kencana there.

Then there are his famous Niagara high once called Coban Rondo, this is very cool and you shall go, besides there is a waterfall tour here too there Outbound that will not make you bored.

For his Malang area you can try to region South Malang, why? Because here was the center of marine tourism Malang. Yup, famous for its tourist icons such as Balekambang Beach, Blue Spring Beach, Mondangan Beach, Coastal Kondang Merak, etc. There are still a lot of nautical tourism imagery here.

Oh yes particular for Sempu Island can be achieved from Blue Spring Beach, but keep in mind is NOT PLACE TOUR Sempu Island, but is CONSERVATION OF NATURE, which has set the Act should not be entered, in addition to research affairs.

However, because one of his public perception and the local people who want to make a living with tours, the end of its many elements that utilize it. Making Sempu Island as a tourist. As a community we must try to straighten. So it is advisable not to go there yes

Further, if you want to explore further, try to Mount Bromo. You really can be passed from the event, many of its roads, usually many agents already waiting in the Jeep Bromo Malang Station, you can start from there and going around Mount Bromo and do not forget his return to Niagara Madakaripura yes

Well here in Malang and tour around his compulsory guys come

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