Friday, 21 August 2015

4 tourist destination not to be missed while in Egypt

Papyrus Museum
for some traveler countries Egypt is not foreign to their ears, because there are a lot of tourist destinations that can be visited in the country of Egypt, there are several tourist destinations pity not to visit when you are in Egypt, following the 4 tourist destination not to be missed when are in Egypt:

1. Hanging Church (El Muallaqa)
Hanging Church, better known as El Muallaqa is called the hanging church because its foundations are built using the ruins of a Roman fortress. The church is quite unique because it has a distinctive wooden roof. The wooden roof is taking shape as the ark of Noah. The building is also an eye witness to the history of the various elections and important religious festivals. From the 7th century until the 13th century, this church is also the residence of the Coptic Patriarch, Al-Moallaqa. The Hanging Church is one of the oldest churches in Egypt, you know!

2. Papyrus Museum

Papyrus in Arabic called or Warak Bardy Bardy. Initially, the Papyrus Museum was built as an institution in 1968 to study the technique of making papyrus that had been lost for several centuries. This is now the institution has been changed into a museum which also has a shop that sells original papers papyrus, in addition shaped souvenir souvenirs and costumes pharaoh of Egypt.
Papyrus Museum named Hassan Ragab Papyrus Institute is located in the western part of the Nile, between Cairo and bridges SHERATON University Korby al-Gamaa, 1 kilometer from the center of Cairo.

3. Church St. Simon The Tanner in Mokattam Hill
According to traditional folklore, this church begins when the Caliph al-Muizz authorities intend to avenge the Prophet Abraham since losing in the debate. Long story short, the Prophet Abraham met with Simon the tanner by angels. And after those things which are commanded by Simon, then the church a place of worship of the Prophet Abraham was successfully transferred to the mountain. After church, Prophet Abraham could not find the back of Simon the tanner and when returned to the Caliph, Caliph marveled over his faith Abraham could move the church.

4. Suez Canal
Suez Canal is an artificial sea transportation route between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. Built for 10 years, the canal linking the European continent with South Asia, so as to reduce travel by sea up to 7000 km. at the beginning of the construction, the canal has a length of 164 km. However, after the second reconstruction be 193.30 km in length, with a depth of 23 meters and width of 205 meters.

Ya really interesting what can be visited, viewed and studied in Egypt. From the history of culture, religion and technology are all there.

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