Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Guelta d' Archei , " Heaven " Hidden In The Sahara Desert

Guelta d' Archei
Sahara Desert known as the largest desert in the world that divides the African continent into two regions . But you know that behind the hot temperatures that can reach 58 degrees Celsius , the Sahara Desert store a very interesting place . Is " Guelta d' Archei " , an oasis or rather a very dear guelta to pass up its beauty .

Guelta a typical wetland desert regions are formed when underground water in lowland basin spilled into the basin that led to permanent ponds and reservoirs . Not easy to do in order to reach this place . Location of " Guelta d' Archei " which is in Ennedi Plateau , in north - eastern Chad , making those who want to visit this place must take at least four days travel time from N'Djamena , Chad 's capital .

However , fatigue during the journey to " Guelta d' Archei " will immediately pay off when looking at the amazing natural scenery which presented it. " Guelta d' Archei " hidden treasures of the Sahara Desert is surrounded by sandstone cliffs typical of the area. Very unique , when it will arrive at the " Guelta d' Archei " vaguely we will hear the groans of the camels who were walking towards the oasis for a drink and a rest . So many camels that inhabit the fertile places , droppings that have accumulated over hundreds of years to change the water color to black .

Not only camel who made ​​the atmosphere in the " Guelta d' Archei " more alive , but also a group of Nile crocodiles surviving . Hiii , make ya goosebumps ! Reportedly , these crocodiles once flourished in most of the Sahara and in the swamps and rivers along the South coast of the Mediterranean . This creepy herd animals usually prey on fish that survive on algae that thrives in the oasis . Therefore , it is recommended that travelers to be very careful if you want to walk through the dark water " Guelta d' Archei " . Do not let the tread area of black water crocodiles lurking therein nil yes .

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