Friday, 9 May 2014

Stay Beautiful though the tour

Derawan Islang
Travel to exciting places not to be identical with the appearance or even sober untidy . Marischka Prudence , one of the consultants Close - digital - based tour company insists that women can still be stylish for traveling to destinations of natural and cultural adventure .

Travel bloggers who nicknamed Prue was still able to go somewhere pretty exciting moment . Through the release of Close , Prue share stories and tips related to the proof that a destination adventure .

Derawan Islands

On the island is famous for sea travel is you can have fun and stylish at the docks that have beautiful tropical scenery typical of Indonesia . Activities island hopping from island Derawan , Sangkalaki , Maratua , and Kakaban will not be boring because each island has its own charm . Marine wealth Derawan Islands are ranked second after Raja Ampat .

If lucky , you can meet the rare animals such as dugongs , manta ghost , coconut crab , dolphin and barracuda . In Kakaban , you can see jellyfish lake that is said there are only two in the world . Take pictures under water with thousands of stingless jellyfish that would be very cool adorable !

Tip : before having fun in Derawan , do not forget to use sunblock before the move to avoid sun burn ya !

Mount Gede

For the novice climber , climbing Mount Gede offers tracks that are not too difficult . Although familiar among novice climbers , beauty at its peak will not disappoint . The peak of Mount Gede elongated and has a view of the crater of Mount Gede amazing .

In this mountain there is also a cool photo spot called Square Surya Kencana . An area of ​​50 hectares, this is a stretch of desert edelweiss flower that only grows in the mountains . No matter how wonderful the flowers of this perennial , not picked yes because it is now threatened with extinction . When else in style with a beautiful style climber ?

Tip : Mix and match your trekking shoes with gloves and a warm hat colors that are not less beautiful with a carpet of edelweiss !


Island whose name is soaring thanks to Sail event Mototai offering distinctive natural beauty of North Maluku . Sand as fine as powder and crystal clear sea water will surely make you tempted to immediately throw themselves into the sea . Because of its location bordering the Pacific Ocean and the Philippines , Morotai formerly used as the base defense by the Japanese during World War II . Having taken over by the allies , the island was used as a base to invade the Philippines and East Kalimantan .

Note Morotai military history then leave the cave hideout , airstrip , and armored vehicles used in the war which is still to be seen . Beuford Bristol wreck which sank in a depth of 40 meters is just one of the many attractions to be visited Morotai .

Tip : Although the journey to Morotai troublesome enough , you can look stylish with short pants and a tank top to be comfortable with the hot weather in eastern Indonesia . To still look cool at the air base while visiting the past , do not forget to wear your army collection !

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