Wednesday, 14 May 2014

unique tourist attractions, museum 3D image in Jogja

Museum 3D image
 When it comes to tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, usually will immediately come on Malioboro, Monument, Sultan Palace, Prambanan, and Taman Sari. In fact, there are other attractions that are not less interesting. Currently there is one more new attractions in the city of Yogyakarta is quite unique and worth visiting with family and friends - friends that museum Figure 3 dimensions. 

Museum of the 3D image is first three-dimensional museum in the city of Yogyakarta, Central Java even. The museum is actually named De 'Eye Trick Eye Museum. The museum is located at XT Square complex occupies a basement room of 1500 square meters building Umar Kayam. This building is the former Umbulharjo bus terminal located at Jl. Veteran, Yogyakarta. 

Figure 3 Dimensions of the museum is still relatively new and not many people know of its presence. De 'Eye Trick Eye museum was inaugurated on December 22, 2013 yesterday. Actually, the museum building is still not finished and only around 80 percent. 

Inside the museum will be exhibited 120 three-dimensional images of a variety of familiar themes such as superheroes, world leaders, nature, sports, ornaments, and icons such as the city of Yogyakarta Malioboro, Sultan Palace, Tugu, Taman Sari, and Prambanan Temple. 

This place is quite unique and spectacular for photos - photo narcissistic. Therefore, if you visit here, you should not leave your camera to take pictures and spend time with pictures - three-dimensional images here. 

The museum is packaged quite nicely thus satisfying the visitors who come to see it. To see the work - the work of this unique three-dimensional, you are obliged to pay the entrance fee of Rp 25 thousand per person. This price is quite affordable as comparable with the satisfaction that you get after entering into it. 

The museum is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. Once satisfied to see the various collections of three-dimensional images and take pictures - photos , you certainly will feel hungry. Do not worry, in the vicinity of the location is pretty much culinary treats ready to pamper your taste buds with a variety of menus. 

In addition, here too there are several outlets that provide clothes - clothes batik and handicrafts. So, in addition to enjoy a tour at the Museum 3 Dimensional Picture, here you can also shop all.

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