Friday, 14 July 2017

10 Things You Can not Do at the Zoo

Visiting the zoo is a fun thing, let alone coming together with family. But there are some things that must be considered.

Playing in a star garden does not mean we are free to have fun at will. Especially if the traveler brings children. Keep an eye on and do not let any careless supervision.

Some things that should not be done when playing in the garden of stars.1. Do not be careless

Do not be too relaxed in the star garden yes traveler. While the streets see the funny animals in the star garden, we must remain vigilant. If bringing children remind them to be careful and not too close to the animal cage.Always hold hands and guide children to interact with animals. Do not let them directly interact with animals in the star garden. We never know whether the animal is hungry, toothache, or feel threatened by the arrival of the children. Alert!

2. Do not surprise the animalsPlease play and interact with animals. But do not ignorant yes, do not startle them. However tame the animals, they will still attack if in a threatened position.

3. Do not disturb when they are sleepingSometimes we feel disappointed because the animals we want to see actually sleep soundly in the cage. Then it darts in our minds to wake up, by hitting the cage or throwing something into the cage. Never do that!Animals will be shocked, and they can go berserk. If our fate is unlucky, we may get a claw or attack from inside the cage. Poor boys who look scared?

4. Do not be apatheticThere is no harm in reprimanding other visitors when it looks annoying animals inside the cage. When you see children ignorant, scold them well, and explain to them that we have to love animals.

5. Do not interact too closelyWhen visiting the zoo do not get too close to the cage huh. Remember! We will never know whether the animal mood is good, whether he is sick, or they are feeling threatened.Please interact, such as touching directly or taking pictures with rarely very close. But it must be with the handler yes. At least there is a handler who understands how the animal is. Remain cautious!

6. Do not make a fussVisit the stellar gardens at a leisurely pace, where we enjoy the fun of the animals, and the animals also feel undisturbed. Do not yell yes. Some animals will feel threatened when you hear the commotion you know!

7. Do not disturb when they are eatingTraveler surely let it be interrupted while eating? So do animals. Their attacking instinct will be sharp when hungry you know! So let them eat calmly yes.Once the stomach is full, the animal will calm down and look more adorable.

8. Do not throw any object into the cageAnimals also have a mood you know! Sometimes when they are happy, they act funny that makes us annoyed. But when they are badmood, they will be lazy at home.

When they are lazy do not force them to move or get closer towards us yes traveler. Do not throw stones, bottles or objects that will disturb or injure animals. Do not make them feel threatened!

9. Do not feed animalsUnfortunately the animals are fine. But we must also understand the zoo policy that prohibits animal feeding.If eating wrong animals can be sick ! We do not know whether the animal is more of a toothache, its digestion is disturbed or has allergies to certain foods. So do not just give food to animals yes.

10. Do not dirty the cageDo not throw garbage carelessly yes traveler. Moreover fun to throw it into the cage. Cages will be dirty and cause disease for animals.

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