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8 Things About Mount Rinjani Which You Should Know

A walk to mount Rinjani
A walk to mount Rinjani
Rinjani is one of the mountains most "hunted" by every climber in Indonesia. Of course there are reasons behind it. This mountain has the beauty of nature is really fascinating.

Many say that Rinjani is a mountain with the most beautiful climbing route in Indonesia. Climb this mountain we will be greeted by beautiful meadows, beautiful Segara Anak lake and superb views from the heights.

Mount Rinjani is one of the most important tourist assets on the island of Lombok, in addition to the beach of course. If not being closed, this mountain is always crowded by climbers from Indonesia, even the world.

Climbing Mount Rinjani will certainly be a fun experience and will never be forgotten. However, it's good to learn more about this mountain first so that the chemistry of climbing becomes stronger.

Here are 8 things about Mount Rinjani that you should know.

1. It is the second highest volcano in Indonesia
In addition to the beautiful scenery, one of the things that make the climb to Mount Rinjani more greget is its status as one of the highest mountain in Indonesia. This mountain is one of the members of Seven Summits Indonesia, a term to name the seven highest peaks in Indonesia. Mount Rinjani own height reached 3726 masl.

Especially for the volcano, the height of Mount Rinjani ranks second after Kerinci in Sumatra. It becomes a pride for the climbers if successfully conquered one of the highest mountains in Indonesia.

2. Have an active "child"
Mountain on the mountain. It sounds like a strange thing but it will be found in Rinjani. Mount Rinjani has a very wide caldera. The caldera forms a very beautiful lake viewed from anywhere. Well, right on the shore of this lake there is an active volcano. This mountain is often referred to as Mount Barujari. Some people also call it a child of Mount Rinjani.

Although not high, the effect of the eruption caused by Mount Barujari is also quite large. Like some time ago for example. Due to eruption of Mount Barujari, several flight schedules in Lombok, Bali and East Java had to be postponed. Although fierce, this Barujari Mountain looks very beautiful views from the top of Rinjani and the edge of the lake.

3. Beautiful Segara Anak Lake
This is the lake in question, Segara Anak. Segara Anak is one of the reasons why many people want to climb Mount Rinjani. Despite having to travel very far and exhausting, it will be relieved if it was at the edge of this lake. Fatigue paid off already.

Segara Anak Lake itself is located at an altitude of 2,010 masl, making it enter the list of one of the highest lakes in Indonesia. Around the lake there is a field area that is usually used by climbers to spend the night. It takes about 7 hours drive to get to this lake, both from the Senaru and Sembalun lines.

4. Have two official climbing routes

Mount Rinjani has two official climbing routes namely Senaru and Sembalun. Senaru Lane is located in North Lombok Regency while Sembalun line is in East Lombok regency. Hike from anywhere we will get the same beautiful scenery. However, most climbers usually travel up through one of the two paths and then descend through the other. The reason, in order to feel the sensation of both.

5. The peak is known as Puncak Dewi Anjani
Each mountain in Indonesia has a peak with its own name. The peak of Mount Kerinci is known as Puncak Indrapura, Puncak Mount Semeru known as Puncak Mahemeru. Then, what is the name of the summit of Mount Rinjani?

Peak Dewi Anjani. That's how people call the summit of Mount Rinjani. Dewi Anjani herself is one of goddess character in puppet story. His name is also a goddess, so it must be beautiful. Just like Mount Rinjani is also beautiful.

6. On the way to Global Geopark
Currently Indonesia only has two Global Geopark namely Mount Batur in Bali as well as Mount Sewu in Java. In the near future, most likely Mount Rinjani will be included in the list of Global Geopark.

What is Global Geopark?
Global Geopak is a UNESCO network consisting of specific sites and landscapes. To be included in this list an area must meet certain qualifications, including among others the culture of the people living in the area. If managed to become a Global Geopark, the name of Mount Rinjani would be increasingly recognized by the world community.

7. Discourse on the construction of cable cars
The discourse of the construction of a cable car actually has long been heard. Not only Rinjani, some popular mountains on the island of Java is also discouraged will be built Hanging Train. This discourse certainly irritated the climbers. On the other hand, the construction of a cable car will make it easier for non-climbers to participate in enjoying the natural beauty of Mount Rinjani.

Realizing the discourse of the cable car is not as easy as imagined. Each mountain actually has its own local wisdom. The opposition of the people living around it will surely be there. The debate about the cable car will never be finished even if in the end the plan is actually realized. If you how, agree or not ?.

8. It is one of the most beautiful mountains in Indonesia
For affirmation only. Mount Rinjani is one of the mountain with the most beautiful climbing route in Indonesia. Some even think that this mountain has the most beautiful climbing route in Southeast Asia. Of course we can only prove those opinions when we have seen ourselves as to what exactly beauty is. The only way is climbing. So, let's go to Rinjani.

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